Friday, March 09, 2007

Best Actress Contenders 2007 (A-K)

On Tuesday I'll let you know how to join the longest Oscar contest ever! It's only suggested for diehard actressexuals and/or Oscar obsessives. You'll be guessing the Best Actress candidates way before any of us should be thinking about this. You'll get points based on things that happened throughout the year. The most prophetic among you will be winning actressy prizes. Until then, here's the first half of the list of possible contenders.

If you know of an actress I forgot (anyone with a film coming out and with a last name from A to K) please don't hesitate to say and I'll add them. Part Two is in progress. Otherwise feel free to debate these individual actresses in the comments.

Mmmmm, actresses


Anonymous said...

When I look at The Other Boleyn Girl, it makes me want to watch Anne of a Thousand Days again with the wonderful Genevieve Bujold (for me she will always be Anne Boleyn).

Anonymous said...

You forgot Cate Blanchett for I'm Not There...which is supporting...

Anonymous said...

But Cate Blanchett could go lead for I'm Not There. She is lead, I am certain for sure. But yeah, Nat, you missed that one.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Michelle Gellar . The Air I Breathe

Juliette Binoche . Dan in Real Life

Julie Delpy . Deux Jours à Paris

Joan Chen . Lust, Caution

Penélope Cruz . Manolete

Norah Jones . My Blueberry Nights

Jennifer Connelly . Reservation Road

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Connelly for Reservation Road...

Penelope Cruz (If she chooses the right roles she will win an Oscar) for that Woody Allen movie...

Catherine Keener for Into the Wild (Directed by Sean Penn...)

And I think that the smartest thing to do for The Other Boleyn Girl is to make Scarlett supporting becuase she has never been nominated and put Portman in lead...but Portman can become this year's Leo and get nominated for the wrong film (She has like 4 out this year...)

Anonymous said...

I was writing all that while you posted...ugh...and anyways if Golden Compass or Invasion are both hits for Kidman this could be like her Moulin Rouge/The Others comeback...and then next year with Australia it will be like her THE HOURS win...I think that Kidman is on a big comeback and I can't wait to see what she does next!

Anonymous said...

Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway are looking pretty good right now. And someone give Scarjo a nom.

Anonymous said...

I read an advance review of Becoming Jane which totally panned Anne Hathaway's performance, but had nothing but praise for James McAvoy. Frankly, I'm more interested in his awards chances this year than those of his two female costars, Anne, and Keira Knightley in Atonement, both of which I think are highly overrated.

Anonymous said...

Great list - but - I think Keira will be supporting in Atonement - from what I hear - Redgrave is the lead ? - and Fonda is for sure supporting in Georgia Rules - also saw a bad review of the Halle Berry film - will try to find it again -

Re: Blanchett in I'm Not There - I would guess all the actors playing Dylan are leads ?? But because there are so many of them ( 5? 6?) will they consider all of them supporting ????? Heath Ledger was all raves about Blanchett's performance in this one - and Vera Farmiga says - Cate gets an Oscar for this role - so it may be hot !!

Glenn Dunks said...

I'm thinking Cate Blanchett can indeed be nominated for The Golden Years. I to-and-froed about it, but at this point in time (aka, 3/4 of a year out) there is buzz about it and people still rant and rave about her loss for the first one.

You're right about actors getting nominated for sequels. The only one I can think of off the top of my head are Al Pacino (was supporting for The Godfather, but lead for Part II). I feel like there's at least one more but can't remember who.

Can I just say that I am loving Jodie Foster's hair in that one picture from The Brave One. She looks so lean and mean.

Becoming Jame isn't getting the greatest of reviews down here (it's released next week I think). Apparently it's more silly rom-com than anything close to Pride & Prejudice's wonderfulness (?)

I'm feeling good about the predictions I made last week for all categories, including Best Actress. As happy I could possibly be at this stage of the proceedings.

adam k. said...

Sigourney Weaver got nominated for Aliens, but she wasn't nominated for the first one, so that's different.

I think Blanchett is looking very good for a globe drama nod, but oscar will be harder. Still, she'll probably make it. Particularly if they can parlay her (probable) raves for I'm Not There into increased momentum for the more accessible biopic.

And it's Golden Age Glenn, Golden Age!!! Everytime I see The Golden Years, I think Golden Girls or some other retirement community-esque situation.

I hope Kidman has a good year. She deserves to be back in consideration. I'm sure she'll get at least some globe love this year.

And I think Hathaway has a much better shot at globe comedy than oscar. Her perf isn't getting such great notices.

Anonymous said...

I think you should add this movie next to Vera Farmiga's name:

Anonymous said...

Going by the book I'd expect McAvoy to be the only one from Atonement placed in the lead category. All of the actresses in it will be absent for large parts of the film.

While mildly positive overall the British reviews of Becoming Jane don't make it look like an Oscar contender in any category. It needs to get a significantly better reception upon its American release.

Glenn Dunks said...

Sorry Adam. It just a slip of the typing fingers.

Although, to be honest, it is a sequel so it being about the later years of her life makes total sense.

Man, Golden Girls is brilliant.

John T said...

Bing Crosby was nominated for both Going My Way and its sequel, The Bells of St. Mary's. He and Al Pacino are the only ones I can think of who have pulled it off, though.


I love this look on Jodie too. At least in this still. Strangely though I hated it at the Oscars and isn't it essentially the same look... maybe it was the look combined with a gown that threw me.

i'm now excited for The Brave One

Anonymous said...

romola garai in atonement....depends on how closely they follow the book

Anonymous said...

I love that The Guardian took a shot at Variety on behalf of An American Crime:
"American critics, a delicate breed, hated it. And while they were right to question the title (there's nothing particularly American about the crime), to call it an "artistic nullity" as trade mag Variety did is ludicrous. This is bold film-making that strong-arms the viewer into confronting hideous truths that can arise from mental frailty and peer pressure.
Friday's world premiere had to be put on hold for several minutes after someone collapsed. Altitude sickness they said, but I'm betting the Variety critic had a hot flush."

Hahahaha McCarthy got PWNED


"Sarah Michelle Gellar . The Air I Breathe"
I'm guessing supporting here so i'm not including it... all of the actors (a ton of them) seem to be playing "symbols" so it has to just be a big ensemble piece rather than a typical lead.

"Joan Chen . Lust, Caution"
in an earlier post someone said this role is very small and nonexistent in the book? anyone know?

"Penélope Cruz . Manolete
Norah Jones . My Blueberry Nights
Jennifer Connelly . Reservation Road"

added though i suspect Cruz and Connelly could easily be supporting based on the story descriptions.

Anonymous said...

catherine keener Synecdoche, New York?? thats probably supporting though right?

Anonymous said...

also helen hunt for Then She Found Me?

Anonymous said...

i am loving this feature by the way!! will you be doing this for any other category? if so i request supporting actress!


sadly SUPPORTING categories would have to be about 12 pages long... and no time and we'd still mmiss half the candidates coming up... so no.

im tempted to try best actor if i can find the time though.

Anonymous said...

Briony in "Atonement" feels like a supporting role to me too. But this year Romoal Garai also has the the lead/title role in a movie called "Angel"--François Ozon's English-language debut.

Anonymous said...

For the other Boleyn Girl, 90% sure that ScarJo is lead and Natalie is supporting--unless drastic, drastic changes are made, Anne Boleyn was definitely a supporting character in the wouldn't even be category fraud to put her in supporting based on that.

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

You can write off Binoche for Mary - she has the title role, but she's barely in it, and when she's on-screen she's solid-but-not-remarkable. It's actually more Forrest Whitaker's film insofar as he has the lead role (though he's really pretty awful in it). Plus the movie is very much a 'festival film' - even if it gets a release, it won't be seen by more than 6 people America-wide.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, it's one of those movies.

Anonymous said...

Actors who have been nominated twice for playing the same role in different movies:

Paul Newman (Fast Eddie Felson) The Hustler
The Color of Money

Peter O'Toole (Henry II)
The Lion in Winter

Al Pacino (Michael Corleone)
The Godfather
The Godfather: Part II

Bing Crosby (Father O'Malley) Going My Way
The Bells of St. Mary's

Glenn Dunks said...

Newman! That's who I was thinking of. It should be noted that he won for The Color of Money. And just one year after receiving an honourary oscar, too!