Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stingy Hollywood Types

I've been very pleased at the response to the March "save Nathaniel's life" Fundraiser. You've been so kind. Unfortunately Hollywood types haven't. Not one cent from those gated communities. Here's some responses from when I cast the plea for money a little wider...



-gogo yubari

loyal subject,

I know that you are poor and therefore uneducated in appropriate behavior or proper wealth distribution but We, the Hollywood royalty are to be bathed in luxury. You must suffer so as to fully appreciate, purchase tickets for, and bow down before my our awesomeness. I know hear that times are tough. It is in such difficult times that you can build more character. To help you toward that goal I'm raising your fan taxes. You must now type my praises weekly so as to avoid my entitled wrath. (Don't think I've forgotten about the whole weeks you've devoted to those pretty young unaccomplished things who are not married to WARREN. BEATTY. and who have not been nominated for three Oscars)

~The Bening

good luck on the fundraiser. I love my fans!
I can't contribute tho. If I gave ten dollars to everyone who still loved me I'd be short --well, I don't wanna waste forty dollars or something!
xoxo, Kiki

My widely distributed fundraising plea was ignored by most everyone else. But I did hear back from Film Experience Idols Julianne Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer. They both took the time to TYPE letters but I'm not reprinting them because they don't seem to address the fundraiser at all and they have weird phrases like "must take no action to obtain the addresses or locations of protected persons" and other orders and there's stamps and signatures.


Yeah... I don't get it either.


Anonymous said...

He he.
Asking Gogo for money doesn't seem like a great idea, though. O_O

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Even after rubbing elbows with Kate Winslet, she couldn't be reached for a response?

adam k. said...


I just donated 5 more $ to the fundraiser, cause I had it sitting in my PayPal account, from doing some survey online. I never know what to do with that PayPal money.

But now I'm done, I tell you. Done!


i'm almost done too. the fundraiser ends tomorrow and you'll all be spared my jokey pleas...

will write for food

Glenn Dunks said...

Teehee, that was a hoot! I loved the Kiki one. $40, indeed.

J.D. said...

Okay, that was great. I wish I had money to give, because I probably would've. Maybe. I don't know. I don't like playing in alternate realities. Ah, wouldn't it be great if all you got was $1,995? Not even 2 Gs. Sad.

WickedScorp said...