Friday, March 02, 2007

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Hollywood's overstuffed holiday & Oscar release schedule nearly always coerces me into a movie hiatus in February --I haven't even watch DVDs or gone to press screenings. But it's March and I'm ready to plunk my ass in some stadium seating somewhere

Wide Releases
...but it won't be for Wild Hogs. I'm sure this comedy about four middle aged men (played by three big obnoxious stars and one semi-respected actor who should know better) on a bike trip will be a massive hit, but I'll trust this review by Rob Scheer wherein he quips: "Essentially, it's City Slickers for retards" Even if lowbrow humor is just what you need this weekend (lowbrow aint always a bad thing) be forewarned: by Rob's count half of the jokes are of the 'gay is gross' variety. Charming.

David Fincher's Zodiac is the big ticket for movielovers this weekend. (previously drooled over here) There are already reports that it is too dense, epic and non-traditional to make a mark at the movie theaters. But, hey, some executives thought Se7en was too highbrow and look what happened with that one once moviegoers got a look at it? We don't always like to be talked down to.

There's also Black Snake Moan (from the director of Hustle & Flow) as an option for serious moviegoers. The last movie I remember which flirted with the imprisoned sexually provocative woman and a possibly stockholm syndrome relationships with her would be healer (I'm guessing -I've avoided reviews. Want to go in fresh) was called Holy Smoke! . If this movie is half as good as that one it'll be worth talking about for days. If Christina Ricci is half as good as Kate Winslet in Smoke! it'll be worth talking about it for weeks.

Limited Releases
Full of It a comedy about a kid who can't stop lying.
Two Weeks brings Sally Field back to theaters for another tragicomic weepie. One can only hope it has as many zingers and durability as Steel Magnolias even if it's just as silly. That 80s weepie had a whole slew of eager to please A and B list stars though and this one just has Ben Chaplin, Julianne Nicholson and Clea Duvall so, um, good luck?


PIPER said...

I'm hopefully going to catch Zodiac this weekend and am very excited to see it.

I also want to see Black Snake Moan as I am interested to see how the subject matter is handled. It should be good as well.

Jason Adams said...

This is the first weekend in almost a month that I've got something to see at the cineplex, and it's not one but two films, both of which I'm dying to see. When it rains...

I mean that literally. It's effin' pouring and gross outside. Ugh.

StinkyLulu said...

Tragically, much of Wild Hogs was filmed just down the road from my house. So I actually sorta wanna da 'hood on the big screen.

But ack.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I was only wondering just the other day what had happened to Ben Chaplin. But wasn't enthused enough to remember to check the IMDB later. Good to know he's still getting work. He could have been Colin Farrell if somebody had done a better job of shoving him in every magazine and movie available.

But then, couldn't we all?


Glenn Dunks said...

I really wanna see Black Snake Moan. I have no idea when's coming out here. Same for Zodiac.

But it's alright because we're still getting 2006 movies. The Notorious Bettie Page next week!


rob, very funny.

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

I'm very excited to see Cristina Ricci have a personality again.

NicksFlickPicks said...

The good news: they're both wonderful! Black Snake Moan especially so.