Friday, April 13, 2007

20:07 ("Poor Terry")

Hello everybody! This is JA from My New Plaid Pants, and I'm taking over duties for Nathaniel's terrific 20:07 project whilst he's away. And let me just tell you, he was not kidding when he said finding a good frame of film exactly 20 minutes and 7 seconds into a movie is no picnic - this was about the fifteenth DVD I threw in. But this one worked out beautifully:

No dialogue - just the sound of a door buzzer ringing.



ohmygod. how awesome is this.
image + sound is so descriptive.


i'm not really going to check up on y'all constantly but i wanted to take a peek before hitting my taxes. UGH.


Garen said...

GOD I love this movie

Marius said...

Oh, it's Maude. Ok, it's not Maude; it's that evil Satanic woman. Anyway, I really enjoyed Rosemary's Baby. However, I remember being frustrated by Rosemary's naiveté. Roman Polanski rocks!

Jason Adams said...

I know I've said this a billion times by now, but Rosemary's Baby is the greatest movie ever made.