Friday, April 13, 2007

Hello from Australia...

Hi guys! As Nat has mentioned, he's decided to take a bit of vacation (SLACKER!!) but has recruited a few people to make sure you don't get entirely stressed out while he's away and start sitting at your computer constantly hitting refresh to see if he's back. I definitely don't speak from experience at all!

Anyway, I'm Glenn, you most certainly know me from the comments section of the Film Experience and also, possibly, from my own lil section of the blogosphere called Stale Popcorn. Here's hoping I don't make you all want to do something drastic by the end of my tenure.

So for you guys that don't know me, here's a little bit of backstory.

I am Australian. I am a music critic (amongst other things) who worships Bruce Springsteen and Madonna. I am sort of stalking Hugh Jackman and Jamie Bell (omg, Jamie sent me a message on MySpace and included Golden Girls porn, more on that here). My favourite movies are Fosse's All That Jazz, Hitchcock's Psycho, Lynch's Mulholland Drive, Hughes' The Breakfast Club, Ray's Rebel Without a Cause, Mallick's Days of Heaven, Allen's Manhattan, Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge! and Darabont's The Shawshank Redemption (eclectic bunch, eh?) Oh, and I am a lifetime defender of Lindsay Lohan - I felt that was a vital piece of info.

I am a good patriot in that I like to follow my nation's industry. Sometimes we're really bad (2004 is a prime example) or sometimes really good (2006 was definitely an up year!) Over my short stay here I will discuss this topic a little bit more for you guys. Let you get a taste of what my country offers. Funnily enough, we offer The Lovely Laura Linney! So that's a bonus.

See, I like to entertain and educate!

I'm not sure if I'm getting in here too early, but if I don't do this sort of introductory piece now I won't be able to for at least 24 hours (it's 6pm on Friday here). Right now I need to go get ready because I'm off to dinner and then I'm going to see either Danny Boyle's Sunshine (YAY!) or DJ Caruso's Disturbia (not so yay). I hope my friends choose Sunshine. And tomorrow I work at 6.30am and I am not a morning person. So, until next time I step out onto the great stage that is the Film Experience, enjoy the company of the other three guest bloggers (the swellegant Ja, Susan and Aaron). I'm sure between the four of us we can come up with something to amuse you guys. Lord knows though it's hard enough doing it for my own blog let alone someone else's! I hope Nat approves (hell, he chose me so I guess he's confident with me. Thanks!)



par3182 said...

oh glenn, i've always thought of you as the eve harrington of the blogosphere...

knock 'em dead, buddy

ps - i believe that should read the lovely laura linney

Anonymous said...

Hey there KCamel! Looking forward to reading your input here, but don't let it stress you out! And hope your friends choose Sunshine too ;o) I don't know anyone who's seen it yet (comes out here in a week or two) and I'd like an honest and critical opinion on it!

Best of log with the blogging!!!

Can't wait to hear about all those fabulous OZ actors and movies!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Glenn,

Hmm. Should be interesting. Aussies are always interesting. I should know I suppose, being one myself.

Good luck with the gig.


J.D. said...

Natalie Maines is awesome. So is Laura Linney. And puppies. And nuclear warfare.

Good leg breaking with you time here!

adam k. said...

OK, but if you're here, then who will fill the void at Stale Popcorn?

And more importantly, why haven't you voted????
(see my blog)

SusanP said...

Hey, I'm "swellegant" -- I like that. Nice to be in your company here, Glenn.

Middento said...

Hey Glenn and welcome! The lovely Laura Linney is always fascinating. I too have a thing for her after seeing Jindabyne at a film festival (but that may be because she told me I was sweet, which made me blush).

I must say that we in the US are jealous of y'all that are getting to see Sunshine now. Does anyone know why there is such a delay on the US premiere? (We will not get it until September.)

Anonymous said...

God, he's cute.

Ben said...

I totally agree about Lindsay Lohan. For some reason, I just believe that the kid's gonna turn things around for herself. :-)

Marius said...

Yes, should be very interesting. Glenn, entertain us!

Glenn Dunks said...

Par, I changed it for you. The Lovely Laura Linney surely appreciates it too.

Thanks guys!

Middento, I have no idea why y'all get it so late. The movie is crazy in the head.

SamuraiFrog said...

"Swellegant"? Is that what they're saying? Well, did you evah? What a swell party this is!

Glenn Dunks said...

As much as I didn't like that movie (Philadelphia Story all the way), that scene was gold. And yes, a swell party it is indeed.

Anonymous said...

wasn't that line in High Society and not Philadelphia Story?

I clearly remember Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby singing it over a bottle of champaign!

And what's not to like in High Society?! Ok, so Grace Kelly doesn't reach the heights of the great Kate in the original... but it's still a lot of fun!!! ;o)