Friday, April 27, 2007

Opening (04/27)

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Wind Chill. Double unexpected hotness alert! Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada) and Ashton Holmes (A History of Violence) co-star in this horror film directed by Gregory Jacobs.
Jindabyne. The Lovely Laura Linney, Gabriel Byrne and Mrs. Hugh Jackman star in this film that Stale Popcorn has been getting us hyped up on. Directed by Ray Lawrence (Lantana) [related post]
Snow Cake. Sigweavie's autism drama finally makes it into theaters. Co-starring Alan Rickman.
Diggers. Interesting cast (Paul Rudd, Lauren Ambrose, Maura Tierney and Sarah Paulson among them) in this indie drama about a young man forced to reconsider his life when his father dies and the family business is in trouble.

Next Nic Cage tries out a new hairpiece. Jessica Biel attempts to justify her ubiquity. Julianne Moore gets some action in (she's not quite Jodie Foster in this regard but she's in more of them than I remembered: The Fugitive, Assassins, The Lost World, Hannibal, The Forgotten) [related post]
The Invisible (spoiler) Remember how Justin Chatwin survived that massive mile-wide explosion in War of the Worlds (he played Tom Cruise's son)? Apparently he's still indestructable now that he's playing Marcia Gay Harden's son. If this spoilerific trailer is any indication, everyone thinks he's dead but he's only mostly dead but not really in this new thriller.
Kickin' it Old Skool. I had no idea Jamie Kennedy was still alive.
The Condemned. The url for this one "" just about sums up the rampant and celebrated sadism in American moviegoing these days. Never mind the contents of the actual movie (who cares) --think about that advertising line. It's like we're in the Dark Ages and the mobs is thrilled to turn out for public executions. I don't even mind if I sound like an uncool ancient relic shouting at kids to get off my lawn. I really worry: movies don't seem at all shy about promising torture (saw et. al), rape (remember those captive billboards), and brutal everything (hills have eyes etcetera) and they're usually rewarded for those promises.

Will you be at the movies or curled up with a promising DVD?


J.D. said...

I don't trust anything starring anyone who was in the WWE.

And Snow Cake is about autism? I have to see it now.

Beau said...

What a shitty week for film.

At least this next one will be killer, what with 'Away From Her', Spidey, 'Zoo' and 'Waitress'.

Neel Mehta said...

Nice Next caption. I used the same picture over at Brevity with the scroll-over line, "I just realized I was born the year you made Valley Girl."

Anonymous said...

Beware JINDABYNE. That film bears almost no relationship to the Carver short story that Robert Altman did much better many years before in SHORT CUTS.

-From the Australian who likes Julianne Moore, but not Baz Luhrman ;)