Wednesday, April 18, 2007


In the 12 years at Wrenwood I rarely get mail. It touches so many hands, buildings and the air in trucks. They aren't --you shouldn't open... well. Please don't send anymore mail.

But you sent me a book, "Blindness". Nathaniel said the woman who played me...might play this and he hopes she will. I don't understand? The book was so interesting. but then everything went white. I got the white sickness, too. Peter is so kind. He read me the last few pages.

I loved it very much.
-Carol White


Beau said...

I just started watching this yesterday for the first time. I've about another hour left, but so far?

Moore = WOW.
Haynes direction = WOW.

Can't wait to finish it later tonight.

J.D. said...

That seems very artistic. This is certaintly a film on my See Eventually list.