Friday, April 20, 2007

Well, La Link Da

Eddie Copeland
celebrates Annie Hall's 30th anniversary. As should we all. Is there anything better than Diane Keaton in that movie? Arguably no.
La De Da
Defamer has a pretty funny take on the upcoming remake of The Birds --I love them for skewering the tell-tale hack notion that everything must be explained. Jeez, people have no imagination.
The Hot Button
investigates current star bankability in various categories. Kinda interesting. Kinda depressing. Kinda baffling.
novaslim on Madonna's new collaboration with Timbaland.
Queer Sighted has a pretty funny (well, blackly comic) post about homophobia, racism, and other competing idiot prejudices.
Ed Gonzalez on London's excellent Equus production.
Worth has funny movie posters. Change one letter in the title.
Cinematical on a Rob Marshall (Chicago) helmed film version of Broadway's Nine. I like Nine but this is a terrible idea. It'll have to compete with itself and with memories of Frederico Fellini's 8 1/2 from which it's already been wrestled and musicalized.


Otavio Almeida said...

Great blog, Nathaniel! I'm from São Paulo, Brazil. ANNIE HALL is extraordinary! One of Woody's best, but my favority is HANNAH AND HER SISTERS!!


Otavio Almeida

Glenn Dunks said...

""We think we have a very contemporary take," Schulman said. "In the original, the birds just showed up, and it was kind of like, why are the birds here? This time, there's a reason why they're here and (people) have had something to do with it. There's an environmental slant to what could create nature fighting back.""

Oh sweet baby jesus.

They're also remaking Fame. God, just re-release the original. It's not like it's even that old.

Marius said...

I love, love, love Diane Keaton. Yes!

Anonymous said...

Schulman's ridiculous blurb on The Birds is fitting coming from the woman who was awarded an Oscar, only so that the more challenging, rightful recipient wouldn't get it.