Monday, April 02, 2007

Keira. She Wears It Well?

What is Keira Knightley's secret...deft career choices? lucky breaks? Is it the come hither jutting skeleton? Whatever it is Keira Knightley is the new Zell...well, if she's not quite the star of red carpet glamour yet, she's certainly becoming a go-to fashion plate onscreen. Theoretically this year's Costume Design Oscar race could be all about dressing Keira up. She's in three costume extravaganzas including box office behemoth Pirates of the Caribbean: At Trilogy's End, literary adaptation Atonement (wherein she's reunited with both director and costumer from Pride & Prejudice) and Silk (pictured) wherein she's costumed by none other than Akira Kurosawa's daughter. I'm not making this up.

Spot on or way off? What do you think of the guesswork?


Lucas Dantas said...

lol you [quasi-]comparing keira to zellweger makes me a bit scared of you hating her as well. i loved keira ever since i watched bend it like beckham [she, paraminder nagra and jonathan rhys meyer got me hooked into soccer for and hour and a half!], i love her beautiful presence onscreen and uhg pride & prejudice was on my last year's top 3 movies!


i loved P&P too

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Keira Knightley, it pains me to watch her, Johansson and Portman get each and every single role out there instead of other far more superior young actresses out there.

I am still recovering from her Oscar nom for P&P and if she gets nominated again for either Silk or Atonement then I have definitley lost all faith in the Academy!!

Anonymous said...

Can you ever refer to Keira Knightley without having a go at her? It's not long ago that you were joking about her being very seriously ill. Very amusing, that.

Oh, and on topic...
The picture you've used for Pirates 3 on your prediction page is a fake.

Anonymous said...

spot on - especially think Leatherheads could get some attention- since the 20's - 40's now seems almost as long ago as the 15th century - Golden Age costumes are knockouts but lord what is it with the head pieces ?

PeterDiscussionLeader said...

I think Keira's a great actress in the right role but I'm yet to be convinced she's a versatile actress to rank with the best. Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

I still feel an odd delight when I reflect on Keira's Oscar nod. On the surface, it seems ridiculous, but I took another look at her P&P turn just the other weekend, and although it will never EVER equal the work of Jennifer Ehle, she still wins me over.

A decent perspective on this is that she got nominated in a very VERY weak year for Best Actress, so her inclusion for her surprisingly pitch perfect turn is, to my mind, good judgement and well-deserved. Preferred her to Witherspoon, if I'm honest.

Had she been nominated this year, I'd have drowned in a puddle of seething froth.


Anonymous said...

Those seem right but I wouldn't be surprised if The Golden Compass got in there. I mean, have you seen La Kidman's costumes?! Beautiful.


anonymous #1 -i like johansson and portman a lot intermittently but i totally agree. spread the wealth hollywood. no one is right for every role.

anonymous #2 --i did nominate her myself for P& P and i did it without having a go at her.

anonymous #3 --how come none of y'all sign off with like "bob" or "shirley" or something at the end? but yeah the head pieces = crazy

linda --love kidman's costumes, yes.

Anonymous said...

Since all the predicts were supposed to be up yesterday, couldn't you just post 'em all now? There's no need to spread 'em out. Just get 'em up there.

Please, of course.


if they were finished i would.

alas. they take forever.

Glenn Dunks said...

I predicted four of your nominees (Todd, Atonement, Elizabeth and Boleyn) but also through Pirates of the Caribbean in there for shits and giggles.

On the matter of Keira, I like her. I don't love her, but she hasn't particularly done anything to piss me off. And I thought she was really excellent in Pride & Prejudice. In thinking back, I think she was second only to Joan Allen in 2005. But I may be forgetting someone.

Anonymous said...

Peter -d -l pretty sure Braveheart was filmed in Ireland not Scotland

ok Nat - taking the hint -


Anonymous said...

What about Love in the time of Cholera? The costumes look gorgeous.


RC said...

i think it'd be great if keira films got all the costume nom love...maybe she could announce the awards and show clips of herself in all of the films.

that'd definitly make a relatively boring award much more fun.

those living costume pieces on stage last year...ughhh!