Thursday, April 05, 2007

20:07 (Twins)

New Series. Each morning a screenshot from the 20th minute and 7th second of a movie (along with the line o' dialogue being spoken if there is one)

There is no dialogue in this capture from The Parent Trap (The Lindsay Lohan version) but it's a cross dissolve so you get a *gasp* DOUBLE IMAGE in a movie about twins! Will wonders never cease?

Editorial Note: In related news I must reiterate that I have never and will never cheat at this series. Sometimes I've been super disappointed that a perfect image cuts away at 20:05 and I don't get to use it. Boo Hoo. But there are weird glitches that occur that could account for nitpickers attempting to 'prove' that I have cheated. For example: When I went to get the screen capture for Annie Hall I loved the ambiguity of the image (plus there was a movie reference and a movie theater in the image) but I realized I had put the disc in on the wrong side so I flipped it over to widescreen and sailed back to 20:07 and --huh?-- same 'dating history' sequence but different date. A funnier moment but less ambiguous and movie drunk. I don't know how the movie could be shorter or longer in the pan & scan but there you go. Nevertheless, the 20:07 series is pure (pan & scan is already a corrupted version of a movie. it shouldn't count) these are shots from the 20th minute and 7th second of each movie according to the only DVD player I'm using.


Brendon said...

It'll be because of the 'this film has been butchered to fit your screen' announcement at the top.

You'll be earlier in the pan and scan version, I reckon.

Glenn Dunks said...

Was that disclaimer because of me and my Mean Girls observation?

Also, two Lindsay Lohan movies out of five! Jeepers.

adam k. said...

I also doubted the validity of the Mean Girls image.

I wanna know which perfect images were cut away from at 20:05.

adam k. said...

Oh god, I wonder if the tent scene is at 20:07 in BBM.


sadly it is not.


well far from heaven, for example, has a superb shot at like the 20:01 mark with a hilarious line of dialogue and then... zzzz

also showgirls had WAY better shots during that conversation than the one posted. but it's not a series about "great stills" it's a series about a specific second in each movie. it would ruin it to cheat.

enjoy the series: yeesh.

* incidentally i hate that image from Mean Girls --cuz I think the movie is truly hilarious but I think the dog/breast thing is a really cheap joke. if i was randomly picking images it wouldn't been what i chose.