Wednesday, April 25, 2007

'Soundtrack' Updates

I've added three songs to the jukebox (sidebar) which I'm calling "soundtrack" since I try to keep it movie related, natch. I always suggest refreshing your screen weekly at the film experience since i love to tinker with graphics, banners, sidebars ... This widget is such a fun toy. Like all wondrous things I discovered it through ModFab. He gets all the best toys and gets them first!

The new additions
Julie Delpy "Waltz for a Night" from Before Sunset. Both grounded and ethereal --how the hell does she pull that off? Miraculous.
Mika "Grace Kelly" Great song. Great lyrics plus, hello, the title. Is Mika an actressexual?
Björk "Earth Intruders" from the upcoming CD Volta. I read a horrifying thing at Electroqueer wherein they stated they'd taken a break from Björk after Post. You don't take breaks from Björk, people. I can't even begin to describe what you've missed the past decade if you haven't been listening. She is a genius. genius. if you stopped listening when the radio stopped playing her you've missed her two best CDs (Homogenic & Dancer in the Dark) and one beautiful undervalued one (Vespertine) Oh, the movie connection: she was in one once.


Glenn Dunks said...

I posted the video for "Earth Intruders" at my blog (not just the SNL perf) and it is almost as amazing as the song. But the song is pretty darn amazing so it's hard.

Sid said...

Grace Kelly. LOL. It's my favorite song of the year so far -- Mika really does sound like Freddie!

Michael Parsons said...

I have no idea, is Mika as big in the States as he is over here in the UK?
Gay artists have an easier time over here for some reason, and with his second song 'Love Today' about to become his second number 1 and the Scissor Sisters still get chart action I am curious as to why? Is it just US radio?

Glenn Dunks said...

It's because American radio is frightened shitless by dance music that isn't Fergie or the Black Eyed Peas.

The Mika CD is pretty great, although the falsetto can get a bit tiresome (like on "Love Today").

Beau said...

YAY!!! It's JULIE!!!!
*smiles and does happy dance*

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

May will be quite a month as Bjork releases Volta while Tori Amos releases American Doll Posse. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't wait to hear Volta, but I especially can't wait to hear American Doll Posse after hearing some preview clips. Tori's new single is rocking!

Anonymous said...

Sniff. Sniff - Yeah, we got a little sidetracked when it came to Bjork...However we have all her CDs and we'll give them another whirl. Very very excited about her Volta though! We loved Dancer In the Dark though and her soundtrack to that was good...see we didn't miss everything!