Friday, April 13, 2007

Fan of The Film Experience

Greetings Friends of The Film Experience. As some of you may know, I'm the un-famous Susan P, a semi-regular contributor to Oscarwatch and an "irregular" commenter here.

A little more about me: I like long walks on the beach, cheap wine and fast (subway) cars. I'm a bit of a movie aficionado with a slight hobbit habit. That said, my favorite film, Chaplin's City Lights doesn't feature anyone with hairy feet. I live in Manhattan, so I've had the pleasure of meeting and befriending Nat. It all began on that fateful night last October when we both swooned in the presence of Kate Winslet. Since then I've gone from shy wallflower to brassy dame, like the chorus girl who gets her big break on Broadway. (The image below from Nat's Oscar party is pre-Diva, when I realized I had to sing the Jennifer Hudson part in a scene from Dreamgirls. Shortly afterward I was full of sass.)

I will definitely not pull a "Beelzebub" and forget to thank Nat for allowing me to contribute here. Now I can proudly say that I've written for two of my favorite film sites. Unlike my fantabulous co-guest bloggers, I only have a blog as a way to keep track of my writing for OW, so it's cool that I can be a bit of a film writing slut the next few days. I feel very fortunate to know fantastic people like Nat and Sasha Stone at Oscarwatch. The movies are what bring us all together, but it's the community and those friendships that matter most to me. Okay, group hug.

Thank you all for indulging in my quirks for the next few days. I hope to offer up my perspective on "B Movie Musicals," "Birthday Wish-lists," and "Movie Dates," among other topics.


J.D. said...

Welcome Susan P! This makes me feel good, having Nat out of the house and people moving in for a week. Let's throw a Wild College Dance Par-tay!!!

Sasha Stone said...

You go girl!!!

(sasha with a weird blogger account name)

Glenn Dunks said...

Has Aaron met Nat? Because if he has then all four guest bloggers have actually met Nat in person. Crazy.

SamuraiFrog said...

That would be a great coincidence, but I actually haven't met Nat. I never meet anyone, I live in a hole in the ground and haven't been out of the Chicago area since I was 12 (now 30).