Thursday, April 19, 2007

XO to Susan, Glenn, Aaron & JA

"Honey I'm home"

While I can't say that I enjoyed my time off (it was for boring things like taxes, job hunt, and various home/office issues not fun things like movies) I did enjoy the posts from my wonderful guest bloggers. So a huge round of applause to Susan P, Glenn, Aaron and JA. Visit their sites!

mwah, Nathaniel

P.S. OK, I lied. I did enjoy one particular night of my time off in which Susan and I got drunk, stayed up way too late, and did our best Bananarama impersonations [Re: Susan. 'She's got it! Yeah baby, she's got it'] while dancing like mad fools to celebrate her 20-fifteenth birthday. So fun! I'd show you pictures but they're too incriminating. Plus, I forgot the camera. Damn.


SamuraiFrog said...

Thank you, sir.

Jason Adams said...

Welcome back, Nat!

SusanP said...

Thanks again, Nat. It was great fun contributing--among my best b-day presents.

And by the way, you've still got "it" too. :D

Welcome back!!!!

Glenn Dunks said...

And I make four!

Glad to have you back. Thanks for having me.