Monday, June 11, 2007

20:07 Twins (Psycho)

"20:07" Gemini Edition June 11th to June 20th
Twin screengrabs from the 20th minute and 7th second of related movies

Salesman: Go ahead spin it around the block.
Marion Crane: It looks fine. How much would it be with my car?
Salesman: You mean you don't want the usual day and a half to think it over --you are in a hurry, aren't you? Someone chasing you?
Marion Crane: Of course not.


Glenn Dunks said...

Oh man. One classic and one misunderstood gem. I surprised myself with how watchable I found the remake.


me too. and Anne Heche is terrific in it --such an underappreciated, undercast actor

Annie Frisbie said...

An interesting piece of personal trivia...

Back when the Psycho remake first came out, my boss at the time was an Academy member so he got all the movies. My roommate and I each had a TV and a VCR, so we got the idea that we should rig them both up and have a party to watch them side by side and see if they were in sync. I happened to mention it to one of my regular customers at (now defunct) Kim's Underground, which was my night job. This customer was a writer for the Village Voice who had quoted me on a number of occasions, so he said he was going to try to sell his editor on a piece about our Psycho Viewing Party.

We had about 15 people over, and the customer/writer provided witty, acerbic commentary throughout. The only time that both movies were truly shot-for-shot, edit-for-edit, timing and all, were when William H. Macy was onscreen.

The Voice piece never ran, but the customer/writer sure did, last fall after being identified as the Chelsea Fireman Rapist. Yes, my Psycho Viewing Party was narrated by none other than Peter Braunstein.

Cinesnatch said...



that is crazy.

i'm sure no one will be able to top it but i'd like to see someobne try

Marius said...

Loved the original. And how hot was John Gavin? He's wasn't the greatest actor but certainly fun to look at. The remake was ok; I enjoyed it.

Brian Darr said...

As a fellow Gemini, I heartily approve of this series.

Great way to launch it, too. It's going to be interesting to watch the follow-up posts.