Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day of Rest

Shhhhhh Jonathan Rhys-Meyers needs his beauty sleep. That's a lot of beauty to maintain. He must sleep 18-19 hours a day. Like a cat.

It's Gay Pride in NYC today hence the selection of this image. Not that Brian Slade and Curt Wild are flag wavers or even all that gay -- though they're queer fer sure. But this is actually how I feel about the gay pride parade zzzzz You can only see so many floats filled with muscle boys alternating with floats filled with drag queens in your lifetime before you become very sleepy. NYC's parade is so long (I'm talking hours) that you can actually store up the float visions from one single Pride Day to drink for years afterwards. Like a camel.

Next @ the Film Experience: Oscar Predix Updates (The Year So Far), Blade Runner, All That Jazz, and maybe even a little ABBA (whaaa...?)


Anonymous said...

All that Jazz? One of my all-time faves (Schneider was robbed on Oscar night - ROBBED, I tell you!) so bring it on.

And maybe a side portion of MR essay, pretty please?

I wonder, as an out (duh) lesbian, what it means when we go from invisibility to visibility to boredom as GLBT. I mean, it's not as though we live in a country where the leader of the nation talks about homosexuals being dogs and so forth - at least not in public (behind closed doors, perhaps), but maybe we've lost something, have stopped being angry and are just tired? We still don't have equal rights, we still can't marry just because of who were are - etc and so forth.

Somehow a parade doesn't quite seem to do it for me. It's as though we're showing off our stereotypical wackiness and fabulousness once a year - and then what? Put away the costumes until next year? Surely there is more to being "gay" than that.


Adam said...

If you ask me, watching All That Jazz is a lot gayer than going to a pride parade.



but isn't all that jazz pretty hetero as musicals go? womanizing, t&a, etc... ;)

Damselfly said...

I always find it hard, within my "group of gays", to supprt them by coming to a parade to watch them walk down Main St. in assless chaps and rainbow speedos. I love them all so dearly, think they are FAB and want for them everything I'm lucky enough to have for myself (marriage, children, equal rights in all ways)...but I really wouldn't even want to see my husband (whom I also love dearly and think is fabulous...for different reasons) walking down the street in assless chaps. So on this day...I support from a distance.....I hope that doesn't make me a bad hetero!lol!

Glenn Dunks said...


Can't wait. (and it is quite hetero as musicals go)

Alanna said...

I pretty much vacate NYC for any parade. Drunk people and traffic detours, no thanks.

Anonymous said...

smart girl