Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hairspray @ Pride

This past weekend Adam Shankman, Hairspray's director and choreographer, introduced Nikki Blonsky at San Francisco's Gay Pride and she performed "Good Morning Baltimore" for the crowd. I'm sure it was a highlight of the day and I'm also sure that the west coast gays can't get that song out of their head this week (that song is so damn sticky)

Speaking of sticky. This photo op. Oh the levels...

The out gay director of a very gay project that's under threat of ban by some pockets of the gay community takes his young starlet to Gay Pride. So far it makes total sense. But they brought along cutouts of their two closeted *ahem. allegedly closeted, sorry, movie stars with them? To Pride (!) ??? What was the impulse? I'm not sure whether to giggle, get snarky, or feel slightly embarassed for all. I mean couldn't the cutouts have been someone less mixed messagey? Pfeiffer, Walken, that boy who performs in high school musicals... no, wait.

(As for those wondering what I thought of Hairspray... I'll review soon but in short: a ton of fun)


pseudo-autor said...

That's a curious project that i have interest to watch. Imagine John Travolta dressed like a fat lady singing anda singing? Awesome! I expect that this movie don't take a long time to entry here in Brazil's theatres.

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Anonymous said...

it sounds like you actually liked Hairspray Nat, could it possibly be?!?!?! :-)

can't wait to read your review

Rob said...

Hey all. Stop by on my blog and read MY "Hairspray" review. :-)