Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You're The Poo. I Took a Whiff.

Hey Matt,

Thank you Mr Film Experiences so much for supporting me when everyone else is being so freaking mean. Happy Birthday! But... me: seriously what is their problem? Just because I don't get my teeth fixed. Just because they misread my dreamy languor as lazy-ass 'I'll be in my trailer' acting. I'm going to show them all when I bust out with my "Heart of Glass" How come only you and that girl from Cinematical who isn't at Cinematical anymore like me? This sucks!

They're all just jealous because I tapped Jake so many times. And could still again ... but choose not to! Eat it haters.

xoxo, Kiki


John T said...

She's right-it's the Jake jealousy thing.


omg. she can't even get my name right. *sigh*