Monday, June 11, 2007

The Prize Winner of San Fernando, California

Sometimes when I watch bad Julianne Moore films (of which there are *sniffle* many) I like to imagine her role as played by "Amber Waves" from Boogie Nights instead. Hey, why the hell not? They look like identical twins. Amber is also an award-winning actress. Amber has terribly inappropriate maternal instincts but then... so does Julie (onscreen at least)

This particular switcheroo 'survive a bad movie' technique always makes the film more entertaining.

The phrase Prize Winner takes on a whole new meaning.


Cinesnatch said...

LMAO ... I just got a job in San Fernando!


congratulations. Say hi to Amber for us! But don't go to Jack's house: bad shit goes down there and before you know it you'll be an egomaniac porn star or a junkie. Or both.

Anonymous said...

Why would that be so bad?

Anonymous said...

OK, "Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" is a mediocre film but Julianne's performance is certainly great.

and by the way her best role in years is coming soon... as you know: "Savage Grace"...

- and here is a SAVAGE GRACE clip!!!
or here: