Saturday, June 09, 2007


Just a heads up: You can now listen to a TONY Awards chat with Ashley and me over @ Radio Allegro. The podcast directly before that with Ashley @ the Drama League Awards is really worth a listen for theater fans, too. He has brief chats with cast members from Mary Poppins and Company as well as gorgeous goddess Audra McDonald. Plus 'Niles Frasier' himself, David Hyde Pierce.


Anonymous said...

So good to HEAR you, and discover that you're as articulate in real life as you are on the keyboard!

Great job.


Anonymous said...

thank you. i am trying to get better at it. it's amazing how difficult it is to speak coherently on air --you learn really fast that regular conversation is full of tangents and meandering and half formed sentences... which is great for conversation but doesn't sound as good in radio format ;)