Friday, June 01, 2007

Cannes Spanking / Belated Thoughts

I recently received an e-mail that chastised me for typing about Sally Field more than Cannes during the past couple of weeks. I don't feel bad about this exactly -- I talk about whatever filmstuff is on my mind: Gidget was on a loop. I don't claim to understand my own brain, but that's what I got to work with -- but I do understand the frustration if some of you were expecting more film festival coverage. My line of reasoning in ignoring it was partially that other people were actually there (*sigh* & bastards!) and would provide better coverage. If you'd like me to go next year, I'll need substantially more cash ... so get to donating.

But I am talking about it a little bit over at Zoom In. What prompted this brain vomit a week after Cannes was news? Some unholy mental mix of "On the Lot", Joss Whedon, Hollywood Elsewhere, Foreign Film Oscars, sexism, and Toni Collette in frilly dresses. I kid you not.

You'll have to read it to make sense of that tease.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking to Joss' commentary. That shook me.

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