Saturday, June 23, 2007

Links Episode #301

The Hairspray Blog isn't interesting or anything... just press updates. That's a pity because they could've gone in a million creative directions with it. Think of it: Dance lessons with Tracy, fashions from Edna's youth, Wilbur's gizmos... (c'mon New Line. Hire some writers: like me! Care a little) a gazillion things they could've done, sigh. But though it is dreadful dull it does offer up shots of Pfeiffer at a press conference. Mmmm, Pfeiffer.

and now, zeeee links
Sunset Gun top 10 trilogies -cool but where is Baz' 'Red Curtain'?
WOW Rufus Wainwright's "Rules & Regulations" video
Michelangleo Signorile Travolta / Hairspray queer scientology controversy
Kenneth in the (212) drools on Daniel Craig's Interview shots
ONTD Kate Winslet's new ads for Lancôme
Crumb by Crumb offers Ewan Macgregor the best 3 words of advice ever


sunny said...

Pfeiffer is still a raging beauty, and could someone please tell Daniel Craig I'd like to shag him?

Anonymous said...

ok I hope these pics of Pfeiffer shutup those people who say she's had tons of work done. Isn't plastic surgery supposed to reduce lines or get rid of them completely? she has alot of lines, and yet she's still amazingly gorgeous.

adam k. said...

Wow, yeah, she's actually sort of starting to look her age in these pics. I assume then that most of the other ones use very flattering lighting and great makeup, and/or airbrushing (if she's on a magazine).

She still looks great, of course, but I can actually believe now looking at these that she is in fact 48.