Thursday, June 14, 2007

Walk Off

A friend and I caught a glimpse of Owen Wilson in Zoolander the other night on TV and shared a nostalgic laugh. The scene in question was the walk-off between Owen's supermodel "Hans" and Zoolander himself. This is all an elaborate way of getting you in the right mood for and linking up to Joe Reid's hilarious Actor Tournament. It just began and you'll want to pop in on this feature regularly this summer. He's pitting 64 actors against one another in categories like quantity, quality, oscar nods, and motherf*cking walkoff.

When Owen Wilson enters the fray in the next posting, he'd better win the latter category.


adam k. said...

I was a bit peeved when Ewan lost his walkoff.

I mean, it's EWAN F***ING McGREGOR. I don't care if he was up against Christian Bale. Sure, Bale would've been solid (or more to the point, stolid), but Ewan would've made him look silly in all his stolid seriousness. Ewan would work the crowd like no one else. No one says "look at me, I'm fab" like Ewan McGregor.

Apparently, Joe is not much of a fan. Sigh.

Damselfly said...
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Damselfly said...

Adam K- I hear you...Christian doesn't ever smile due to crooked teeth, his hiding them is a distraction to every one of his performances. It makes him very stern (go him)

Ewan, on the other hand, is always smiling...he would definatly light up a cat walk!

i'm in the movies said...

there's no smiling on runways!

Joe R. said...
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Joe R. said...

Thank you!

(And thanks for the plug, Nathaniel.)

Anonymous said...

If you're talking about the ability to pull off good clothes and be suave and cool and all that, Bale's gonna win a walk-off.

If it were, say, an interview-off, where an engaging, enjoyable personality is tantamount, Ewan would never lose. ;)