Monday, June 18, 2007


I’m so depressed today. The terrible part is that it’s a monotone sadness – keeps humming along at one steady miserable pace. Which is to say that if I were playing the "Today’s Mood" game that me pal JA plays, I’d end up being some really boring depressed person like Jennifer Aniston in The Good Girl… rather than an interesting depressed person like, say, Kate Winslet in Little Children. And this makes me even more depressed since Kate > Jennifer. *sigh*

If you need reading you'll have to pop over to Zoom-In. I wrote a review of the first couple of episodes of the second season of HBO'S Big Love (I forgot to link to it earlier but good news: I've since seen more and the season gets better). And this morning I had mom & dad on the brain (the movie kind not my own) since Father's Day just past.


Jason Adams said...

Aww, chin up, Nat. You may not feel like it now but you're always Winslet-cool to me.

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

I totally get you.
I'm the same way right now, but I prefer saying I have Holly Golightly's mean reds.

Anonymous said...

ah cheer up Nate..............I hope you feel better. I'm not sure if you know this, but there is a link to your website for the Heroine blog-a-thon on IMDB. pretty impressive

Glenn Dunks said...

"Depressed like Jennifer Aniston". I think I've used that line before.

Hope you start feeling more upbeat soon. Those sort of weird funks that people (myself included) occasionally get in usually snap once you make a decision. It could be deciding to take a trip or to do something and or see someone.

...but I don't really know your circumstances so I'm gonna shut up now.

Get better.

Anonymous said...

One of my dearest friends keeps reminding me, when I mention the fact that I can't shake my depression, that it's not my fault because the brain can't hold sufficient levels of serotonin.

I know how you feel though. It's not "I want to slash my wrists" sort of depressed, because that would mean doing something, and you've not got enough energy to even bother with that.


Michael Parsons said...

Seriously Nat - "Bring it On" never fails to make me smile. It could be the cure for what is ailing you.


SusanP said...

I'm at least a day behind... sorry you were down yesterday and hope you're feeling better!