Saturday, June 02, 2007

Links Foster

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my blogfriend Boyd at European Films has a wonderful exclusive photo gallery up from Cannes 07. Including shots of Asia Argento (pictured left which he gave me permission to snatch), Diego Luna, the jury, and several international filmmakers... Check it out if you haven't yet seen it.

Moviehole Battlestar Galactica --next season, the 4th, is the last
Cinephilia writes a brief open letter to Quentin Tarantino
Coming Soon announced a new dramatic project for Helen Mirren, Gaza, which reunites her with some of the Prime Suspect team. Now this is something you do to follow up an Oscar win --not freaking National Treasure 2. Ugh.
As Little As... I didn't know Patrick Stockstill, AMPAS historian had died.

The Brave One trailer
I had a hunch that this would be a good role for Jodie Foster --and even predicted her for another nomination in the 'early bird' Oscar guesswork. I think the good role hunch is correct. The Oscar nom... who knows. The Brave One just might might be a, like 28 Weeks Later , a genre piece doubling as political allegory. We'll see. I get that vibe a teensy bit from this trailer but it's possible that I'm projecting based on Neil Jordan sitting in the director chair. Before you watch you should probably know that the trailer shows too much. Be warned.


Marius said...

Thanks for the link to European Films, and Asia Argento rocks.

Also, Nat, It may be that I'm looking in all the wrong places, but I just can't for the life of me find most of your recent reviews. You (sort of but not really) reviewed Away from Her. I also found your Spidey 3 review and a few others. Is that really it? Please tell me you have them hidden in some special place that's only accessible to your devoted regulars. :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly? Not that concerned about Tarantino. Sure, he talks a lot, but he's always delivered. Let him take his time. Better to ensure am artistically productive output than to produce for the sake of producing (Woody Allen? Here's looking at you, kid!).

The man's resume as a filmmaker is damn near impeccable (discounting his dubious producer credits, in particular). It's fascinating that he attracts so much vitriol for his sporadic work,yet the Hayneses, the Lynches, and the Luhrmanns are safe from such criticism. And I love all three, so I'm not choosing favorites.

The very best filmmakers should take their time to cement their status. What a tragedy it would be if they decided to sacrifice artistic integrity in an effort to satisfy popular demand.

Michael Parsons said...

Go Jodie!

Boyd said...
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Boyd said...

Thanks for the link ;)
For a one-stop overview of all the best shots, check out this selection (the application may take some time to load). Use the navigation bar at the bottom to scroll through the selection, and click the pictures for bigger versions!


marius... i don't do a lot of actual traditional reviews. or haven't lately. i'm trying to get back into it. but the index to reviews and/or brief commentaries is here.

Glenn Dunks said...

Steve, Lynch is actually pretty regular with his films. There was a five year gap between Mulholland and Inland, but elsewhere it's usually not as long.

In regards to The Brave One. Looks interesting. That trailer really does give away heaps. But I'm sooo looking forward to having Jodie in ACTRESS mode again. Love her so much! But, man, Terrance Howard makes me wanna take a nap. His voice is so drearily nasal, if there could be such a thing.

Anybody know what the music in the trailer is from? Original or from somewhere else?

Glenn Dunks said...

Nevermind. It's "Auto Rock" by (the amazing) Mogwai. I knew I had heard it before - it was used at the end of Miami Vice (in typical amazing mogwai fashion).

Anonymous said...

Jodie's rocking the hell out of that trailer. I like. A lot.