Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hump Day Hottie: Silver Surfer ???

It's summertime and somehow I'm flabbier than a month ago. I blame it on the day job (eating sugar constantly to find the energy for the drudgery). To convince myself to go back the gym I'm visualizing flat tummies. The phrase 'abs of steel' popped into mind against my will. What a weird phrase that is. The only person that applies to is Colossus and if you allow for giant f***ing robots, Optimus Prime. (I don't mean to inadvertently promote Hollywood blockbusters but I, too, succumb to their ubiquity) If you slightly alter the phrase it also brings Silver Surfer to mind. Abs of chrome.

Superheroes (and guilt ridden villains) are --by way of the very stylized comic book nature -- unusually yummy specimens. I had a thing for Silver Surfer as a kid. I couldn't help it. So shiny, sad, soulful... scrumptious. I hope the new Fantastic 4 movie does him justice. I hope they keep the over earnest hokum. But given my reaction to the last film, I'm not hopeful.

But... abs of steel: gross phrase, really. Imagining yourself pressed up against metal is just not as sensual as flesh. Who would prefer metal? I mean... other than Tawny Kitaen

(and the cast of David Cronenberg's Crash)


Michael Parsons said...

So thankful the made Colossus gay in the Ultimate X-Men series, with mutant boyfriend (wipes drool away from mouth).
But seriously the gym is all well and good, but I prefer a good all walk or job!

Anonymous said...

I've been at the gym 24/7 for a few weeks now...but it doesn't do much for glad you are skinny...even if you complain about flab...