Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fundraiser Thank You (Last Call)

Last year the fundraiser was three weeks long and a big success, saving my obsessive writer's neck for a short while. This year, I had planned a big one later but the sudden issues (to put it politely) with the big site and my hosting company rushed me into a quickie. It's not three weeks long ~let's wrap up tonight. I know it's Oscar season and that's what'chu want.

To anybody who has donated or plans to donate or wishes they could donate: Thank You! Sincerely. I like you too. I really really like you. You've been kind and helped stave off the immediate dogs involving TFE's overhead... I'll worry about other funding issues later [for those who wonder: overhead for writers is time and their own money --in this case the money was an actual bandwidth problem at thefilmexperience.net, which this blog was meant to merge with post Oscars --more on that merging later]

Here's a final incentive if you want to help out, a stinky incentive! StinkyLulu, one of my best blog buds and a very kind soul, has just told me he is pledging me $5 for every prediction I get right for this weekend's Oscar ceremony and he encourages others to do the same. YIKES and YAY. My predictions will be up on Friday at the latest. He probably knows that I never score 100% and so he won't owe me $120 when it's over with at 11:00 PM 11:15 PM? 11:30?

UPDATE: he also graciously offered the first three people who donated $35 from this post, their choice of a supporting actress profile on his blog. So, Drew, Mark and Stephen (Thank you x 3) now get to choose any single performance they want Stinky to profile. If you've read those profiles you know how thorough and well articulated they are. Enjoy.

UPDATE: George, the first person who donated $75, gets to choose which Oscar year Stinky will be covering for the month of April @ the Supporting Actress Smackdown at Lulu's blog. So a big thank you to George and to Stinky for offering the prize. Here's an index of past years. Stinky profiles all five nominees and then assembles a team of rotating bloggers to fight about who should have won that year. [Psssst. He's always looking for newbies if you're a web writer and interested in being on a panel] I'll let you know which year George chooses when I hear!


John P. said...

Hey Nat, poor college student here sending you a ten-spot. I know it's not much. I appreciate the site and all the hard work you put into it - hopefully one day that will rub off on me and my seldom-updated blog.

Slayton said...

I don't have a credit card, sorry... I wish they had one of those coin slots on the computer monitor. Will try to send some by Oscar time or Oscar Boxing Day.

Anonymous said...

More begging. Get a job in the field in which you write. Work your network and make it work for you. Certainly this can happen--you live in New York City, for God's sake. If others are doing it elsewhere, it can't be impossible to do it there.

Slayton said...

Does that pesky PayPal thing handled debit or only credit?


i think only credit. sorry

anonymous more bitching? why are you even here? If you don't like the film experience there are a million other places you could be.

but FWIW, i am fairly honest about the fact that i am juggling regular corporate type work with building a freelance career as a writer. these things don't happen overnight... and i work my ass off trying to make it happen. but seriously what's with all the judging? and doing so anonymously?


reading is free
donating is voluntary

but anyone who thinks its shameful for anybody to ask people who enjoy their work to give a little if they can --well... I don't know what to say to that. I can't help them understand that if they don't already. People either get that and they have that basic understanding or they don't. Thankfully some people do get it.

so those are the people I keep the site going for. and all the people who enjoy reading it for free. for them too.

but people who enjoy reading it and bitch about an annual request for donations? I don't know what to do about those people. I can't figure those people out.

WickedScorp said...

I think it'd be more fun if you were writing from skid row. Leaching off any free wifi you come across. Dirrty. Destitute. Good times!



but could i type and hold out a cup at the same time? It'd definitely cut down on my WPM!

Anonymous said...

Downtown, where depressions' just status quo-o-o.

Sorry, but any mention of skid row will have me bust out in Little Shop of Horrors. If you're looking for a pick-me-up, I suggest Youtubing Skid Row, one of the best musical numbers EVERRRR on film.

Middle-P said...

i was planning on pitching ten since i am wicked poor, but I like the $/correct prediction. still the poor college student, i can't do $5, but I will do $2 per correct answer. i know it isn't much but its the best i can at this point. best of luck on your predictions. here is hoping for a clean sweep!

Anonymous said...

Happy to be in a position to make a donation to such a worthy cause. Ever grateful for the site, especially at Oscar time!

Anonymous said...

well, as I've mentioned before....if Julie Christie wins, I'll celebrate by pitching in a little bit more next week (I'll give up starbucks for two or three days). However, if that Marion gal wins....I'll be so P.O'd & bummed - I'll have to drown my sorrows in half-caf grande soy mocha lattes the rest of the week. so, root for julie!

Kurtis O said...

I'm unfortunately too broke to send any cash your way, Mr. Rogers. But let me send you my personal thanks and congrats for another great Film Bitch year, and for being an at least twice-daily stop in my web-cruising activities. Keep up the fine work, and fend off the haters like he one above. And, again, the comprehensive Film Bitch's -- I really don't know how you do it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I will pledge you a minimum of $20 on Oscars night, for being there going on eight years now.

JKDarby said...

Did you reach the 1200 dollars you needed to fend off the hungry wolves at your door, Nat?


I did!

(which is why i posted this as a "thank you" and wrap up rather than going for weeks like last year --i also updated the previous post to explain that the immediate crisis is over)

sadly the company isn't speaking to me about how insane the charges are --can't get a conversation going. clearly need a new host. in other words: don't sign up with Pro-Hosting!

in the meantime, I've started some maintenance on my end at the site: took down most everything on the site that's not related to this year for restructuring and bandwidth fixes --i'm sure i have too many graphics on the site (etcetera, hotlink problems, blahblahblah)

ANYWAY: this year's Oscar stuff is still up at the site since people will want to look at that.

i know it's annoying to hear pleas for money -- but money is a necessity in life.

"anonymous" may be inappropriate and bitchy but he/she does speak from a truthful place: creative careers do require getting out there and working a network and new york city is a great place for that... thank god i'm here. In the 2 years of working at this i've made some progress (a few freelance gigs, the zoom-in thing, got halfway --third of the way? -- to a book deal that didn't pan out *sniffle* and took occassional advertisements on this blog) but it takes time. and i'm nowhere close to a living wage yet --hence the corporate half-life.

to all the sympathetic readers, i really do cherish you the decision to go pro after several years of increasingly full-time "hobby" has been fascinating and frustrating and in the two fundraisers i've held in the 8 years i've been writing online (GOD, I AM SOOOO GREEDY [/sarcasm]) peole have rallied to help me out of pinches. People do care. Which is you know, a relief and also awesome.

thanks a bunch again to everyone.

WickedScorp said...

I like hearing a man beg... it makes me hot.


Wicked --you know where to find me