Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunchtime Poll: Oscar Clips

So.... sorry for the uncharacteristically late updates for the Oscar pages. But Actor and Supporting Actor pages have been filled in now. All that's left is my final prediction article (Friday), and your votes as to who should win (it's not a close call for first place in either category but beyond that the voting is tighter. Polls close late on Thursday) and...

Lunchtime Poll: Which clips do you think they should show for EACH of Oscar's acting nominees? There's 10 men and 9 women nominated. Name your favorite or the best "clippy" piece of their work in the comments! Obviously it's not necessary to detail all 19 (oh lordy that'd take a while) so just pick a few clips you hope to see aired on Oscar night... and if you're really feeling chatty, tell everyone why.


Anonymous said...

If I have to hear Blanchett scream "HURR-I-CUN" one more time, I will have a seizure. I hope they show the scene in which she slaps the bejesus out of Abbie Cornish--a quick cut to Reese Witherspoon right after would be so delightful, no?

The same goes for "And then I'd like you to leave" from Christie. Show us something new!!

I hope they don't go to the comedy route for Page and pick a scene where she's actually emoting and not spouting catchphrases. Then again, if John Stewart falls flat, which I don't think he will what with the backlog of jokes the writers have surely been saving up during the strike, a "homeslice" could break the tension a bit.

Oh, and how I could I forget "I've abandoned my child?" We all know it's the most powerful soundbite of the movie--let's show another side of the character before we hand him the Oscar.

I'm really excited to see what they pick for Soairse. I think she does her best actual acting in the first comic scenes in the movie where she interacts with the other (more puerile) children. It shows how much she understands the character. Alas, they'll probably go with the interrogation scene though, which is fine work all in all, just not her best, imho.

Slayton said...

Out of the people I've seen:

Daniel Day-Lewis - "I drink your milkshake!"... won't happen, because it sorta gives away the ending. "I've abandoned my boy!" is pretty much locked in for the clip.

George Clooney - One of the middle-movie driving in the car scenes... I can't really remember the context, so I'll fall back on "Do I look like I'm negotiating?"

Julie Christie - "I'll start crying so hard I'll never *stop*." Gosh, I hate that bit, but I'll bet you a bottom dollar it'll be the clip.

Ellen Page - Probably one of her snarky moments will make the cut, but I prefer "I'm a planet!" and the car breakdown scene, or "Make it work!"

Marion Cotillard - Probably "Marcel!" but I really loved her interview on the beach near the end of the film - that's the standout moment for me. Either that, or her collapsing performance where she's swinging her arm and hits the microphone stand.

Hal Holbrook - "I could be... a grandfather!" What else? Heartbreaking.

Tom Wilkinson - "Shiva, god of death." Of course. Every part of this performance screams 'Oscar clip', though, so I don't know what it'll be.

Tilda Swinton - One of her rehearsals would be awesome. Otherwise her final scene w/ Clooney, when she realizes she's totally fucked.

Saoirse Ronan - "I saw him. With my own eyes." of course, but there are many better moments. I especially liked "I want to thank you for saving my life."

Anonymous said...

Viggo: ritualll

Daniel-Day Lewis: "What's the name of the house next to the hill house?"

Clooney: "Do I look like I'm negotiating?"


Page: it's not much of an Oscar clip, but I really liked the part when she tried to seduce Mark and realizes it's not what she wants at all.

Cotillard: anything but "Marcel", I didn't like it at all.

Christie: the scene after Pinsent tells her he's her husband.


Saoirse: Briony reading the letter. This scene made me hate her. But Oscars will show interrogation obviously.

Swinton: rehearsals.


Bardem: I hope it's not friendo again. Last scene with Kelly McDonald will do.

Wilkinson's baguettes.

Anonymous said...

Viggo: ritualll

Daniel-Day Lewis: "What's the name of the house next to the hill house?"

Clooney: "Do I look like I'm negotiating?"


Page: it's not much of an Oscar clip, but I really liked the part when she tried to seduce Mark and realizes it's not what she wants at all.

Cotillard: anything but "Marcel", I didn't like it at all.

Christie: the scene after Pinsent tells her he's her husband.


Saoirse: Briony reading the letter. This scene made me hate her. But Oscars will show interrogation obviously.

Swinton: rehearsals.


Bardem: I hope it's not friendo again. Last scene with Kelly McDonald will do.

Wilkinson's baguettes.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see DDL screaming "Eli, you boy!", though I guess that leads right into the milkshake line, which is a bit of a spoiler.

For Tom Wilkinson, maybe when he pumps up the music from the UNorth commercial and yells at everyone on the conference call.

"Pretty Women" for Depp, though only because they can't show "Johanna" without grossing everyone out.

And as standard as it is, the coin flip scene for Javier Bardem is just priceless.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Wilkinson's baguettes is a good one too. Where you realize he's not quite as crazy as Michael assumes he is.

Anonymous said...

ok film clips

clooney "do i look like i'm negotiating"
day lewis "i look at people and don't see much i like"
mortensen the interview
depp hairdresser challenge
lee jones " i wanna see his body now"


blanchett hearing of bess's pregnancy
christie "i want you to make love to me then iwant you to leave
page begging mark not to leave vanessa
cotillard "c'est moi c'est moi" hearing la regret rien
linney the first meeting

hoffman his first scene
holbrook final speech
affleck listing the things jesse and him have in common
bardem "call it" in the gas station
wilkinson on the phone to the girl

ryan in the back of the car with affleck
blanchett the press conference
ronan play rehearsal
dee THE SLAP!!!!
swinton "you don't want the money

Anonymous said...

check out the atonement dvd they cut ronan's best scene imo "it's childish" streaming off into tears while keira looks on astonishing bit of acting!!!

Joe Reid said...

If it didn't give away too much of the movie I'd say Clooney's "I'm not the guy you kill, I'm the guy you buy" would be perfect. Wilkinson's best scene is the baguettes, not "Shiva," I think.

I'll be perfectly happy seeing Blanchett's "hurricane" thunderings again. Ellen Page...I know it contains the infamous hamburger phone, but the "Women Now" line is really funny.

Anonymous said...


Daniel Day- Every scene is great, but I would love the scene with him and Eli negotiating at the dinner table.

Clooney- I won't expect them to show the final shot which is amazing, so I guess the scene in the car with his son, talking about his brother.

Viggo- Scene when you find out who he really is.

Jones- The confession.

Depp- Anything good with him is too violent.


Christie- "My you are persistant."

Cotillard- The scene where she gets stage fright before she sings her first song.

Page- "Woah, Dream big!"

Sup. Actor:

Wilkenson- Baguettes or the phone call.

Bardem- Murder through a shower curtain or the scene with Kelly MacDonald.

Hoffman- First meeting with Hanks.

Affleck- Scene where everyone teases him at dinner table.

Sup Actress:

Blanchett- Final scene in car.

Ryan- Her scene with Affleck at the end.

Swinton- rehearsal.

Ronan- Telling Lola about Robbie.

RC said...

i like the idea of daniel day lewis explaining milkshake straws.

and i want to see an ellen page scene with jennifer when she makes the pennysaver comment.

Pedro said...

odysseyFor Depp - "at last, my right arm is complete"

Daniel Day-Lewis - when the mill explodes

for Christie- "and then I'd like you to leave" - for me, the defining moment of the movie: last time, last goodbye, abandonment, sacrifice, all knowingly from her part

Pedro said...

For Depp - "at last, my right arm is complete"

Daniel Day-Lewis - when the mill explodes

for Christie- "and then I'd like you to leave" - for me, the defining moment of the movie: last time, last goodbye, abandonment, sacrifice, all knowingly from her part

Sam said...

Julie Christie: "I want to make love and then I want you to leave." Heartbreaking. Kind of an obvious choice, but I don't care.

Tilda Swinton: "You don't want the money?" She realizes it's all fallen apart and her reactions are subtle and profound. Second choice: checking herself carefully in the mirror when she has just put on that horribly unflattering suit with a peplum.

Marion: They'll probably use the "Marcel" scene but I'd choose something less obvious like talking with the reporter on the beach about love.

Saoirse: Bossing around the kids, trying to direct her play.

Clooney: Silent in the cab at the very end. It was his best moment, I believe.

Page: "Fine furnishings." I don't know why. It just resonated with me.

Ryan: Getting Affleck to watch over the kid.

Holbrook: On the hill with Emile.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Oscar clips!

Daniel Day-Lewis -- either the baptism scene, the "I have a competition in me . . ." scene, or the "I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!!!" scene at the end

George Clooney -- "Do I look like I'm negotiating?" or "You're making it easy for them . . ."

Johnny Depp -- "You sir? You sir? I will have vengeance . . ."

Tommy Lee Jones -- maybe the phone call scene when he finds out his son is missing, or the morgue scene

Viggo Mortensen -- probably the balcony scene where Nikolai reveals his new tattoos

Cate Blanchett -- the hurricane speech (it's inevitable -- that's the most identifible part of the film)

Julie Christie -- the grace speech or the scene where they make love for the last time

Marion Cotillard -- the stunning "Marcel!" sequence

Laura Linney -- maybe the scene where she's lying to her brother about getting the arts endowment

Ellen Page -- probably the "shenanigans" speech at Mark & Julia's or yelling at Paulie over his prom date

Casey Affleck -- the "people underestimate me" speech

Javier Bardem -- the "call it, friendo" scene with the old gas station attendant

Philip Seymour Hoffman -- the yelling match he has with John Slattery in his office

Hal Holbrook -- the goodbye scene with Chris

Tom Wilkinson -- "I am Shiva, the god of Death"

Cate Blanchett -- the interview scene/fight with Bruce Greenwood

Ruby Dee -- the Denzel bitch slap heard 'round the world

Saoirse Ronan -- "I saw him. Yes, that was him."

Amy Ryan -- maybe the press conference scene or the "I just want my daughter back!" scene (most else will be too profane to air properly without editing)

Tilda Swinton -- maybe the dress rehearsal scene or first meeting with Clooney

Anonymous said...

I have to add that I really hope they show "A little priest" for Depp. It's funny, it's up-beat, it'll be a good change of pace.

Anonymous said...

I think that, although Tilda and George are both at their best at the end, they'll shy away from using that footage for either of them.

Clooney gets, "You're making it easy for them."

Swinton gets, "Is there something else we could talk about...?" (I'm paraphrasing)


Anonymous said...

Day-Lewis : "... I'm going to slit your throat." (wouldn't it be hilarious if they cut to Depp slitting someone's throat)

Swinton: Sweat stains PLEASE!

Hoffman: bugging the bottle

Wilkinson: that voice over (hey, it's amazing!)

Linney: any assortment of sundry lies

Blanchett: (Elizabeth) A bunch of quick cuts of her barking the word "Spain!"

Anonymous said...

I think Page's will definitely be her very famous "I don't really know what kind of girl I am" line. It's the whole movie.

But my favorite of hers is "THUNDER CATS ARE GO!!!" Too hilarious, hahaha!

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Julie Christie: "Don't they remember Vietnam?"

Cate Blanchett: Can't remember the line but it's when she first meets Clive Owen as she is entering the throne room and she utters a snarky comment. Just totally captures the tone of the movie.

Ellen Page: That conversation with Su-chin as Juno is heading for the abortion clinic. "I heard that was you." "Well it was great talking to you Su-chin."

Daniel Day-Lewis: "Just a bastard from a basket!"

Tilda Swinton: Any clip without George Clooney. Her first rehearsal scene.

Casey Affleck: Him trying to feel what it's like being Jesse, on the bed, one finger bent over with the sunlight over him while the narrator speaks.

Anonymous said...

Swinton - "I loves Harpo, God knows I do. But I'll kill him dead 'fo I let him beat me. Sat in that jail, I sat in that jail til I felt like I's bout to rot to death. ..." LOVE THAT!
Cotillard - when she holds up the union sign. Classic!
Ellen Page - when her boyfriend tells her he loves her and she slaps him & shouts "Snap out of it"...then she slaps him again.

Anonymous said...


i like to see some different stuff...

for christie - "don't...don''re really persistent" - heartbreaking.

for cotillard - "marcel" of course. why not that? - it's all over wrought.

day lewis - i abandoned by son.


jimmy i love your suggestions. it's like we could fashion whole new movies from clips!

Anonymous said...

Ruby Dee - "She will leave you... I, will leave you."
Love the pause she gives after "I" and the way her throat croaks/tone changes when she says "I will leave you." Decades of a mother's anguish conveyed in a heartbeat.

Tilda Swinton - Sweaty armpits in toilet cubicle. It's not a spoken scene but it's such an indelible film moment.

Julie Christie - "Don't they remember Vietnam?". The film's thesis statement is also its most hauntingly delivered line.

Hal Holbrook - "I can be your... grandfather." Obvious clip but it is breathtakingly played.

Daniel Day-Lewis - Any scene. The whole performance is perfectly calibrated and acutely memorable.

George Clooney - No chance in hell they'll use this, but that brilliant shot over the end credits.

Ryan Gosling - In the car when he finally lets his emotions show... Oh wait, he wasn't nominated. Idiot academy.

John T said...

Day-Lewis: The baptism, "I've abandoned my child"
Depp: "You sir, too sir, I will have vengeance.."
Clooney: "I'm the one you make the deal with."
Mortenson: Cradling the baby by the river.

Christie: "I want you to leave."
Linney: The 9/11 aid.
Page: Babies like free iPods
Cotillard: No, je ne regrette rien

Bardem: Friendo
Holbrook: I'd like to adopt you.
Hoffman: The scene where he and Linney are discussing...wait, WHAT film is he nominated for?
Wilkinson: I so didn't get this performance.
Affleck: Wow, he was in so little of this movie, I can't really remember any of his scenes.

Ronan: "I saw him, I know it was him."
Swinton: "$10, $10 million,"-good lord she was amazing in that scene.
Blanchett; "Sleep's for dreamers."
Dee: SLAP!
Staunton: "Because deep down, you know you deserve this." Wait, Amy Ryan beat out this performance?

E Dot said...

Blanchett: "I, too, can command the wind, sir! I have a hurricane in me that will strip Spain bare when you dare to try me!"

Christie: "I'd like to make love, and then I'd like you to go. Because I need to stay here and if you make it hard for me, I may cry so hard I'll never stop."

Cotillard: "Où est la Montre de Marcel ?! Marcel? Marcel!!"

Linney: "I'm Lenny Savage's daughter in B-26. He has a big red pillow I bought for him. It's missing. Big. Red. Pillow."

Page: "What? Are you ashamed that we did it? Well at least you don't have to walk around with the evidence under your sweater. I'm a planet!"

-- Pretty much what everyone has already said.

Anonymous said...

Casey Affleck: Definitely listing off the similarities between him and Jesse James. Another good one would be his scene with Zooey Deschanel, but it's a bit too spoilery ("I was expecting applause")

Cate Blanchett: Could they just pick two scenes from I'm Not There? It would be much better.

Daniel Day Lewis: On the beach with his brother. (I know).

Julie Christie: "All we can hope for is a little bit of grace."

Saoirse Ronan: Definitely the scene with McAvoy ("You saved me").

Sam Brooks said...

Everything that I could think of has been said; but one moment for Blanchett of all people in The Golden Age is the one where she's waiting in the tent. There's no great dialogue there, but it's one of my favourite moments of the performance.

But, of course; they're going to show the "I am the hurricane!" clip without the build-up.

Is it too much to hope for "My bitches wear my collars!"?

Glenn Dunks said...

There is nothing I hate more than awards show clips that are silent. Pick a scene where they say something! There is a lot of amazing silent scenes, but - for example - if they had shown the opera scene for Nicole in Birth (had she been nominated) in the brief 5-10 seconds they get people would be scratching there head in confusion.

Anonymous said...

As some have said before, Ronan's best moment for me was the "You saved my life, I will be forever grateful", it just broke my heart... funnily enough BAFTA showed that as McAvoy's clip


Anonymous said...

Julie Christie: "What an ugly baby!"
Oh come on, you laughed. Then you kicked yourself for laughing.

Ellen Page: "GERTA RAUSS!!!"

So all the voters can feel guilty for nominating such an awful perf.

Daniel Day-Lewis: "I am going to come into where you sleep and cut your throat."
His best scene. The bapism scene and milkshake scene were lots of fun, but this is one of the only instances of his insanity showing without Lewis over-acting.

Saoirse Ronan: Finding Cecilia and Robbie in the library. It's all in her eyes.

Amy Ryan "Go suck a nigger's dick."
I can dream?

Cate Blanchett: I need to rewatch this, I've forgotten it. Maybe when she was threatened with a knife?

Javier Bardem: Killing the cop at the beginning. Chilled me to the core. Or maybe his interaction with the "I ain't at liberty to give out that information" tank. But she kinda commanded that scene.

Anonymous said...

Brooke! Yes! How could I forget "My bitches wear MYYY collars!"? Unintentionally best line reading of the year. That just HAS to be the clip.

For Page, no way to "Gerta Raaaausss." It's everything I hate about that performance/film all rolled into two words. Eurgh.

Sam said...

One more and I can't believe I forgot this: Laura Linney taking the red pillow from the old lady.


omg yes, Sam. That was an awesome moment

Glenn Dunks said...

How about something different for Javier? Maybe the bit after he kills Stephen Root and the other guy is all "are you going to kill me?" and Javier turns around and they have that whole "did you see me?" moment.

...or it went something like that.