Friday, February 15, 2008

Links, Episode #351

The Guardian Peter Greenaway to animate The Last Supper. I love the way Greenaway thinks. He's a true original. Can't wait to see what he makes of this opportunity.
Jewcy is Woody Allen's Cassandra's Dream about Soon-Yi
Scott 2 B Certain goes backstage @ BAFTA/LA event. Funny
<--- popbytes with excerpts from the new W with Scarjo & Portman (promoting The Other Boleyn Girl)
Silly Hats Only has the Muriel Awards. I voted
Defamer more on the ongoing Kathleen Turner / Nicolas Cage feud. I use to really worry that this blog was regressing to the 80s… but it’s the pop culture universe from fashion to movie stars to. It's not me, thank you. What year is it again?
Towleroad The Little Dog Laughed, a sharp comedic play about a closeted gay Hollywood star is playing in Connecticut. I wouldn't miss it if you have the chance
EW why the Sex & The City clones can't get it right... although basically this article implies that there is no cloning that would work. I agree with the notion that a new group of people needs representation, fantasized or otherwise. There's many voices that haven't been heard.

Time to go back to the festivals: Berlin
The Telegraph Madonna is @ the event with Filth & Wisdom
European Films my friend Boyd has a ton of great coverage... and mouthwatering photos for true cinephiles.
Band of Thebes covers the queer films playing at Berlinale including Dream Boy. I wasn't aware anyone had made a movie of that. I loved the book and when I finished reading it years ago I thought "wow, this would make a great movie if it found an audacious creative director to transfer it" --did they pull it off?


Catherine said...

The buzz on "Filth & Wisdom" is that it's a bit, well, crap. Take this tiny snippet from The Guardian's recent review of it:

"Her film reaches a Zen state of pure offensive awfulness..."

ryansumera said...

the johanssen/portman photohoot looks like an homage to the olsen twins

Boyd said...

Catherine: Filth & Wisdom is not that bad. It's just one of those films that isn't helped by knowing who the director is beforehand. If it would have been presented as a UK indie movie by a first-time director, a lot of people would have probably been a bit friendlier about it.

Nathaniel: Thanks for the link. A review of the Madonna film, the Teddy Awards and more still coming up. I'm seeing Dream Boy tonight and have interviews with the two dream boys tomorrow. Let's see if it can live up to the book ;-)

Anonymous said...

Those Scartalie photos are perhaps the fittest things I've ever seen. To think one has a BAFTA and the other a Golden Globe. The world isn't all bad.