Thursday, February 21, 2008

Linky Shop of Horrors

Today's MUST Read
The Onion "CGI Team Creates Realistic Oscar..." [thx]

Mondo Musicals is doing a whole series of posts on Little Shop of Horrors. A good time for it too, what with Ellen Greene's resurgence on Pushing Daisies. I love "Little Shop" -can't tell you how many times I've listened to the CD over the years. 'Feed me Mondo, feed me (posts) all night long. You can do it...'
Bright Lights After Dark on the "sympathetic listener" in film
Scott, To Be Certain thinks Tilda Swinton should play Julia Gillard
Flick Filosopher shares a hilarious surreal e-mail from a "fan"
Reverse Shot celebrates one of my favorite 70s performances, Shelley Duvall in 3 Women
MSN this is fun: how much would this year's Oscar characters make in terms of $ from their jobs as depicted

Whats Going On @ Some Oscar Blogs?
Emmanuel Levy offers up his predictions
The Carpet Bagger gets ready for the big event
Oscar Addict thinks Christie can hold off Cotillard's surge
Oscar Igloo looks at the short films
Oscar and the City wants to know what you think of EW's list of all time snubs
And the Winner Is... conjures up some "what if" scenarios
Cinemascopian "things I learned this Oscar season"
In Contention Kris Tapley on the best shots of the film year. Let's hear it for the DPs.
Gold Derby theories on acting wins & Best Picture
Little Gold Men on the "winningest" nominees
Oscar Frenzy dispels some myths. These things won't happen...

I try to devote at least 30 seconds of each day to thinking about topics that don't directly involve the cinema --so here's a funny web cartoon from xkcd

and now my 30 seconds is all used up. Back to the movies!


MichaelMcl said...

I think I speak for all my fellow opinionated Australians when I say that Tilda Swinton must be Julia.

Peter Garrett and Cate Blanchett (surely set for a future in the nation's politics) can play themselves.

Anonymous said...

I love xkcd :)
And I'm predicting Cotillard.

WickedScorp said...

wow! that little shop article is great! where did you ever find that blog? =p

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, the Tilda/Julia similaties are uncanny (I've been saying so for a while now). And we know Tilda is cool, she'd totally be down a random Australian polical biopic, right? I think I've decided I'm going to predict her. Just for a laugh (a hopeful laugh, mind you).

Also that cartoon was very funny. The amount of times I've stopped myself from going to bed because someone was wrong on the internet is uncountable.

Anonymous said...

I saw that comic too, yesterday. I printed it out and put it up on my whiteboard. Just me remind me: no, that's NOT actually a good reason to develop a sleep deficit ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Oscars are the "standard bearer" of excellence? LOL, that's so wrong. Ruby Dee can so easily win supporting actress this year.

Seeing_I said...

Hey there, thanks for giving my blog a shout-out! I've added you to my links list. There is more Little Shop material coming...sometime...