Friday, February 22, 2008


"Blogger" is often a hyphenate description. I don't mean writer-blogger because that's obvious so much as that blogging is often a side gig or a platform tool for creative people. Creativity can and does spill out of artists in multiple ways. Lucas McNelly who I knew of as the blogger behind 100 Films is also a filmmaker. His short film Gravida is up for some prizes in the Now Film Festival (I hadn't heard of this before but it's in its third year online)... so watch the film if you have time and if you like it best in this short festival, vote for it!

Short films, like short stories, are often disappointingly gimmicky or one note --the form lends itself to a narrow focus, requires it even, but I think this is a graceful snapshot of a particular situational loneliness. It's subtle enough to suggest answers but wise enough not to ask the questions in the first place. The very fetching Rachel Shaw does lovely work in the lead 'girl in trouble' role.

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