Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Know Who Linked / Featured Me

Thompson on Hollywood reports from the Oscar Nominee Luncheon
Awards Daily The "Poscars" return. Love you Susan!
<-- StinkyLulu investigates Razzie nominee Julia Ormond's "performance" in I Know Who Killed Me
I Watch Stuff on the Jim Henson bio
Buzz Sugar starring in an artist biopic Big Eyes. See! biopics are a deadly epidemic. They continue to multiply... which is so weird since they're rarely truly successful. What motivates Hollywood to make them? Is it only the Oscar appeal?
Jew Eat Yet? remembers character actress extraordinaire, Thelma Ritter
Little Gold Men could Michael Clayton win the screenplay Oscar?
Low Resolution is also digging into Tony Gilroy's story
MTV Movies Blog Taraji P Henson is Brad Pitts mama!
Topless Robot Ten Star Wars toys that look like celebrities. Really fun (thx, Defamer)

A couple of recent freelance gigs that I wrote are up at Television Without Pity -it's for their Oscar Special. The first is a piece on "Egregious Oversights" --hardly definitive, just a dozen things that I happen to deeply dig that Oscar kicked to the curb. Do you love them too? I really wanted to include Christian Bale in American Psycho and Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands but I ran out of space (and jokes).

The second is a surreal peak into the Oscar party planner's imagination, offering you three "theme party templates" for your big night. I hope you'll click on over and read them. And, god help us all, if you use any of the Oscar Party suggestions. PLEASE take photos and send them in right here. You'll have a wild night.


Anonymous said...

no parties for me, mister....this is serious business. i watch the oscars, like i watch elections.

Anthony said...

In a strange case of "it's a small internet" I red that exact TWoP article this morning. What are the chances?

Anthony said...

ok, i should have said "read". embarrassing.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

But now comes the question Nath: among the people who were nominated for those respective years, whom would you have thrown out and replaced with the snubbed?


don't make me think that hard ;)

i kid. that's too many years at once.

but 97 is EASY. throw the fake sissy (Kinnear) out for the real gay man (Everett)

the rosemary's baby year is tough... but FARROW is incredible in that movie. anyway i haven't see all the nominees in all of those years but if history is any indication there are a few undeservings that should get the retroactive boot.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

"don't make me think that hard ;)"

Do it on a Tuesday then, Nath. :)

J.D. said...

That still of Ormond is... hypnotic...


right. it makes me feel like I am her daughter and that is my favorite stuffed animal from childhood.