Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"sometimes my arms bend back"

...excuse the obscure Twin Peaks reference but Nicole Kidman is freaking me out. Something seems wrong here, structurally/ anatomically speaking. Is she auditioning for Death Becomes Her 2? You tell me


Anonymous said...

Nate, I don't get it - you are so schizoid when it comes to Nic. (Did you forget to take your meds this morning? Or is it all the day-after stress and hangover?) One post you're calling her a great actress and defending her, the next you're bashing her as badly as any of her detractors. I just don't know anymore where you stand with her - do you?



i love Kidman.

i don't see this as bashing... i voted for "goddess" --but seriously her pose is so bizarre. it doesn't even look like her elbows bend in the right direction ;)

but yes, post-oscar stress/delusional flipflopping. i even caught myself thinking Marion Cotillard was cute this morning

Anonymous said...

Well, Marion IS plenty cute. No shame in admitting that.

Of course I've just read your "hangover" essay and am again marveling on your brilliance. So I guess we're all sort of flip-flopping this morning, aren't we?

I finally saw the clip with Tilda's speech and yes, she is totally beyond cool and the best part is, now the ENTIRE WORLD (and even the folks in Peoria) know it.


Anonymous said...

I love her too, she is one of the best actresses nowadays. She is excellent.


I think someone has been having too much botox all over one's body.

You are supposed to be pregnant. Be careful!

Marcelo - Brazil.

Anonymous said...

LOVE NICCY K. Never will the love waiver.

Nath, I'm also liking Marion waaay too much, considering what she did to us all on Sunday night.

I mean a) I think she was the best dressed/had the best hair on the night, b) I loved her speech and fake French accent (apparently she can turn it on and off depending on how "cute" she wants to be), and c) I perversely admire how she really campaigned for that Oscar. Second only to the Diablo for the way she PRd her way to an Oscar. And finally d) I'm really looking forward to what she delivers under Michael Mann's direction/future film choices and performances.

Is this what a Best Actress Oscar does to a perfomer in my eyes?

I even rewatched La vie en rose last night (which I never thought I'd do) - and thought it a better film/performance than when I originally saw it last April. Although still not wouldn't say it was anything more than passable. And it is still the worst win in Actress for me since Jessica Lange.

Ok so she won me £30 - but I'd rather have lost my tenner bet and seen Julie Christie (even though I don't like people doubling up in the same category) or Laura Linney win. At least Page didn't sneak in there, praises.

E Dot said...

I think she looks radiant, despite her double jointedness. Yowza! Keith Urban's one lucky guy!

I just posted my best and worst dressed. You'll need to tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

Goddess. 'nuf said.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for a four-month pregnant woman to look so un-pregnant ? her arms are so well-toned

Anonymous said...

You are really deaf is you think Cotillard can fake an American or an English accent, she sounds like a French girl studying at Lee Strasberg, not sure she can putt off a true american accent

Anonymous said...

Thanks gepetto, but I'm not deaf actually.

It was something Jason Solomons wrote in The Observer the other week - that at the BAFTA afterparty, Cotillard was babbling away in a much more polished, American-accented English - and that for the podiums she reverts back to "cute" little-girl-lost French.

Anyway just watching her in A Good Year tonight - she was speaking English much more clearly and fluently there than she has been when accepting her awards this season.

Anonymous said...

LOL She's showing off her miniscule belly for for all the belly watchers out there. It's so tiny she has to contort herself to make it stick out a little. Anyhow, I voted for human and think despite the weird perspective she looks radiant and happy.

Anonymous said...

What's with Kidman???

Some people get so fanatical..
like me:)

No matter what..
I will always adore her