Thursday, February 21, 2008


Don't be a fair weather reader. Once the Oscars are over The Film Experience is still daily. And, imho, it's even better in the off season when its less beholden to Oscar news. Not that the naked gold man won't make frequent appearances. I know She You Gotta Have It (as do I)!

02/22 Fri Final Oscar Predictions & Film Bitch Award Winners
02/23 Sat Live Blogging the Indie Spirits --why not? maybe? partially? We'll see how it goes...
02/24 Sun Live Blogging of the 80th Annual Oscars (right here)
02/25-02/26 Oscar wrap up, fashion & afterwords
02/27-02/28 UBIQUITY: the new batch ~which actors will we be sick of by December 2008? The list is long.
02/29-3/05 Short Break (post-Oscar recuperation... you'll need it too!)

And on approximately Thursday, March 6th the daily cinematic shenanigans [now 2007 free!] start up again. As usual I have eyes-bigger-than-stomach plans. Watch me flop around trying to do too many things at once! I have currently taken down some portions of the site for remodelling and still plan to fuse the blog to it so there will be less constant cross-clicking. But here's a vague outline of what's coming up...

March: "Actress Psychic Contest", more podcasting, a road trip out west (no, really. I have to go so I'll take y'all with me and hopefully we'll take in some movies along the way) and we'll look at at least a few classic films like A Touch of Evil, Network and The Piano. Plus: the beginning of a cool co-production/countdown with another website (tba)

April: Annual 'Year in Advance' Oscar prognostication. Last year I did really well, best on the web I believe --3/5 in several categories including best picture and best actress, way back on 04/01/07 ... so you won't want to miss those. We'll check back in with those "Actors of the Aughts" and see how they're doing. Plus: Pfeiffer's 50th Birthday!

All that plus returning & new "series"... Let's see where '08 takes us. Stick along for the ride.


Emma said...

Terrific stuff! If I can’t find a way to watch the Oscars this Sunday, I may just come on here.

Catherine said...

Sounds great! I envy your ambition. ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait! Sounds like an exciting year at The Film Experience :)

Anonymous said...

The Film Experience is a year long event - stay awhile, put your feet up

ryansumera said...

technically, it's for next year but i can't help but share this wnderful little teaser for coraline.