Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mad Hattering with Michelle

La Pfeiffer seems to be having lots of trouble with her hat on the set of Chéri.

Damn that Consolata Boyle and her millinery trickery!


Cinesnatch said...

kudos to those who called the 2008 release date .... argh!

Hayden said...

Yay! Even when she's visibly annoyed I can't help but get excited. Maybe she's just practicing her brilliant iciness.

I should have added Cheri to my top 10 most anticipated films of 2008 list on the blog. Somehow, I keep forgetting it's being released this year. It's like some kind of mirage.

I'm waiting for someone to pull the rug from underneath me. I'll be so happy to see a trailer.

c.p. iñor said...

I love Michelle... but what is it about designers and THAT color with her... I mean she looks amazing I know, but PUT SOMETHING RED ON HER!!!

P.S. It looks like if she was starring in one of the Harry Potter pictures...

MichaelMcl said...

Desplat is on this film as composer, I think.


C.P. you're right... isn't that her costume color in Stardust too?

and i believe it was Glenn who did a whole piece on her in the color red. and it is a great one on her. Pity she doesn't go there more often.

Glenn Dunks said...

It was me for your Pfeiffer blogathon, although the piece was about her in costumes it did sort of turn into being about the colour red.

Kudos for remembering!

Anonymous said...

She looks so pale!!

I agree, she looks better in red but I guess red for a period character would immediately associate the character with some "whorism" (?).



well she is playing a retired courtesan!

Anonymous said...

So you see, off duty then. ;)

That's what happens when you (me) are a smart ass and comment before thinking twice.




i'm trying to keep my head on straight here but the last time she played a retired lady of the evening we got THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS so I'm having trouble maintaining a hype free attitude.

so worried