Monday, October 26, 2009

Wishful Linking

That Little Round Headed Boy has a fun insightful piece on Amelia and "serious" acting
Gold Derby Ricky Gervais to host the Golden Globes this year
ticklepickleme & elliptical edits thrill to the sight of Julianne Moore in A Single Man and in person. I am officially jealous
The Critical Condition has a change of heart about Where the Wild Things Are. Good read
A Blog Next Door appreciates Dollhouse when its icky ethically. As do I
I Need My Fix Emily Blunt & Matt Damon on the set of The Adjustment Bureau

Gawker Paul Haggis (Crash) resigns publicly from Scientology over gay rights. Quelle Scandale!
Gallery of the Absurd twists Mel Gibson's upcoming Beaver picture
wowOwow great and lengthy piece on Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Penn Ritchie by the one and only Liz Smith
Boy Culture speaking of the big M, did you hear about her gift to Glee?
Towleroad gay neo-nazi drama Brotherhood wins the Rome Film Festival
Art of the Title Sequence on Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. They used Olivia Newton-John's "Xanadu"?!? Now, I have to see this movie
Noh Way on Carrie Fisher's family tree and her broadway outing in Wishful Drinking

And to send you on your way or off to the comments (I always root for the latter) the Sherlock Holmes poster...

Guy Ritchie has made five films prior to this rethink of a classic franchise. None have opened wide in the US to this date (Snatch, his biggest hit here and elsewhere eventually played in 1,444 US theaters but it started in one). Christmas competition will be ridiculously fierce: Avatar will be enjoying (?) its second weekend, two top Oscar hopefuls will go wide (that's Nine and Up in the Air), Meryl Streep's latest comedy It's Complicated debuts, and finally families without taste will presumably flock to that "squeakquel" [*gag*] in droves... I just can't bring myself to type the whole title. Weirdly The Lovely Bones is not going wide until January... I guess Peter Jackson isn't concerned with being to Christmas what Will Smith once was to the 4th of July. But the holiday weekend is super crowded even without him. It's so much competition... so why do I feel like Sherlock Holmes is going to be huge? I'm guessing it opens with a US gross that tops the size of all of Guy Ritchie's previous US grosses combined. (It'd need about $40 million to do that). Doesn't it just seem like the right unexpected-but-familiar topic with the right actually-talented cast at the right time of year?


The Pretentious Know it All said...

I think "Sherlock Holmes" is definitely going to outperform any Guy Ritchie movie, and it's really Robert Downey Jr who's pulling that cart. His career is so undeniably hot right now. All I have to say is...what a difference a few years can make. As recently as 2006, if anyone had told me that Robert Downey Jr would be billed BEFORE Jude Law, I would probably have referred them to the nearest psychiatric facility.

Ryan said...

- Gervais to host the Globes? Hell yeah!!!!
- re: Haggis- Wow… I had no idea he’d been a member that long. My affinity for him just sky rocked… although if he’s so pro-gay rights where, may I ask, where we in CRASH (yeah I know, racism, but u know what I mean)?!? Beside the word ‘faggot’ graffitied across the Persian family’s vandalized shop, I don’t recall any evidence of us… or the cruel prejudice we’re subjected to on a daily basis. Guess CRASH’s small budget prevented any shooting around West Hollywood ;)
sorry. I really do have genuine admiration for what Haggis has done for us with this
- re: Julianne Moore—I do be jealous of any one whose come in contact with that goddess. I’m SO fucking excited for A SINGLE MAN. Just the way she throws her head back and laughs in the trailer gets me going
- i r-e-a-l-l-y don't want to sit through AMELIA
- as for Jude and "Sherlock Holmes"... im drooling

Univarn said...

Always love link posts, yah can miss so much in a week, nice to have people helping keep an eye out.

As for Sherlock Holmes I think it will be commercially very successful but I fear the movie may have dud written all over it. I hope not, but I do fear so.

Anonymous said...

Why the put down on Streep's It's Complicated?

Anonymous said...

btw, Helen Mirren won best actress for The Last Station in Rome Film Festival.

Katey said...

You really ought to see Cloudy with a Chance Meatballs. It's so crazy and hilarious and a complete blast to sit through. You'll be genuinely surprised at how funny it is.

ferdi said...

Hi to everyone! I'm a Moore-Pfeiffer-Streep obsessed italian fan and I saw Julianne in Venice last september during the world premiere of A single man. She was incredibly beautiful in a green dress. When she entered the room everyone stopped at her and I found myself crying. So stunning! and in the movie (a surprise no one could expect) she is incredible one again, she owns the character with power and subtlety, and express a sense of vulnerability which is very moving. After years of up & downs (except Savage Grace) she is finally at the top of her game, though the role is small. Hope she'll find some recognition during the award season.

Benji said...

Yay, I also saw Julianne Moore at the BFI last Friday! She was beautiful and lovely, can only agree with everything in this article!


anon 11:12. there was no put down. i just said it was opening. The "squeakquel" is another film altogether.

Jacob Lives said...

Ricky Gervais is hosting the Globes! Awesome. A genuine reason to watch that trainwreck of a show.

Catherine said...

Speaking of Moore, I was at work today and there was a little girl running around who was the spitting image of JM. Except, y'know, twelve. It was freakish. I had to consciously look away from her because I thought her parents might become concerned at the fact I was staring at their daughter in amazement.


Catherine -- do you perchance work in the west village and could this have been Julianne's daughter Liv ;)

Catherine said...

Hah! Sadly not. Otherwise I probably would've been ogling her mom instead.

Michael said...

More Moore!

Anonymous said...


I'd love to see you write a blog about why Streep will win the Oscar in March 2010. I'm so sick of seeing the blogs of Feinberg & Wells who are so certain of a Mulligan victory.