Friday, October 30, 2009

F&L: Two Sheilas

First and Last is celebrating Halloween all week
with creepy images and terrifying words.

First line: "Ya travellin' with two sheilas, eh mate?"

Last image before the credits:

Can you guess the movie?

Highlight the following text for the answer: WOLF CREEK (2005) for more first and last puzzles, click the label below


Culture Snob said...

Wolf Creek?

Guy Lodge said...

Wolf Creek, surely.

Unknown said...

yeh, Wolf Creek. Simply given away by use of word shiela


michael -- but isn't Sheila a common enough word in Australia to be any film?

doesn't it mean "girl"? what is the meaning exactly. I think i even heard it in ABBA: THE MOVIE. (my writeup)

Deborah said...

Nathaniel, it does indeed mean "girl" and is common Aussie slang, along the line of "chick" or "broad."

Nigel said...

It's not nearly as common a word here in Australia as people seem to think - more popular terms for women are "chick" and "bird".

Bloke, now that's used all the time.

Robert Hamer said...

Absolutely HATED that movie.

Unknown said...

it is common, but when thinking shiela and horror, which has been the theme, i could only think of Wolf Creek. That's probably australia's most recent and best known horror film.

Glenn said...

"Sheila" is a popular word in old pubs and the outback. Or so the movies, TV and books tell me since I don't know if I've actually ever heard it used in real life.

I'm sure I have, but I'm coming up blank.

Did you get Jason to do this for your, Nathaniel? I can't imagine you sitting down to watch Wolf Creek!


Jason did three days of these, yes