Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From Sundance to Rome, From Mo'Nique to Mirren

Since when did precursor season begin in October? Every year it seems to push backwards, earlier into the year, despite Oscar pushing forward, delaying itself until March this year. We've already heard from the Gotham Awards and BIFA and this past week more festival prizes came all the way from Rome and Chicago. None of this is unusual I suppose... I guess I'm just not quite ready for it for 2009. Ready for it emotionally, not physically. That's too much to go over right here (especially considering what's coming in about one months time. NBR etcetera...)

Since The Film Experience's famously favorite category is Best Actress, it's worth noting the year's wins in that regard thus far. I'm sure I'm missing foreign wins but I'm on tight deadlines. (Help me fill it out in the comments - previous error fixed. I type too fast. 75 wpm, bitches)

Sundance Festival Mo'Nique, Precious (Like Cannes, their acting prizes don't distinguish between lead and supporting)
Berlin Festival
Birgit Minichmayr Alle Anderen (aka Everyone Else)
Cannes Festival Charlotte Gainsbourg, Antichrist
Amanda Awards (Norway) Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Iskyss
Venice Festival Ksenia Rappoport, La Doppia Ora
Sarajevo Festival
Aggeliki Papoulia and Mary Tsoni, Dogtooth
Festival Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Vincere
Ophir Awards (Israel) Irit Kaplan, A Matter of Size

Rome Festival
Helen Mirren, The Last Station
(and for the Italian Actress prize: Anita Kavros, Alaza La Testa)

Only one of these leading ladies is eligible in the Oscar race -- unless those VOD releases don't disqualify you and Gainsbourg is allowed to brutalize the gyno field -- and she'll most likely be nominated. Or she'll shoot you, obliterate you verbally, smash all your table ware. Don't mess with the Countess Sofya Andreyevna.


Lorenzo said...

Venice Film Festival's prize for best actress wasn't awarded to Giovanna Mezzogiorno (the film wasn't even in competition, actually). It went to italo-russian actress Ksenia Rappoport for the thriller "La doppia ora", which is, by the way, one of the best italian movies i've seen lately, imo.

Robert said...

Vincere debuted in the Cannes competition and won no awards for Mezzogiorno or anyone else there. I wonder where you got this info from, but interestingly Vincere and La doppia ora did have one thing in common, but that was the male lead-Filippo Timi.


OOPS. I meant Chicago! Fixed.

Can't believe it's not butter! said...

I'm sorry, but I'm confused. Why can't Gainsbourg be nominated?


well for starters there's the nature of her role ;)

actually i'm not sure what the rule is. With all these new releasing structures it's getting murky. I'm not sure if simultaneous VOD release (to theatrical) disqualifies you? Anyone know the exact rule?

I'm thinking you have to play in a theater for a regular one week engagement before any television airings to qualify. But maybe they've made adjustments for the VOD craze.

DJ said...

Tons of NINE test screenings coming our way. Very good notices for Cotillard, Cruz, and Day-Lewis in all that I have read.

Glenn said...

But VOD isn't a regular TV screening. I think I read somewhere that because VOD counts as a legitimate distribution method and because they're also in cinemas then they are eligible. But don't quote me on that.

Agustin said...

I predicted both Mezzogiorno and Gainsbourg
And they won't be eligible!
Although after watching Antichrist I knew it wouldn't happen. And I didn't expect the cannes award for Gainsbourg AT ALL.


Agustin... i didn't see Charlotte coming at Cannes either!

Slayton said...

Tokyo FF - Julie Gayet (Eight Times Up)
Shanghai FF - Simone Tang (Aching Hearts)
Moscow FF - Elena Kostyuk (Melody for a Street Organ)
Montreal FF - Marie Leuenberger (Will You Marry Us?)
Karlovy Vary FF - Paprika Steen (Applause)
Locarno FF - Lotte Verbeek (Nothing Personal)
San Sebastian FF - Lola Duenas (Me, Too)