Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'm on the road to Montreal. Not sure what to expect connectivity wise but Matt will be in later for the start of a mini series on gay cinema and Glenn has already started enjoying First and Last duties. I'll try to pop in. Is your weekend jam packed? Any movie plans?


Gilidor said...

What's bringing you here?

New Cinema Festival?

Glendon said...

Celebrating Thanksgiving with the family this weekend. While you're in Montreal, try the poutine.

Catherine said...

I caught Invention of Lying last night with some friends. Apart from one or two clever moments and a few laugh-ou-loud moments, it was overall disappointing. I think I officially hate Ricky Gervias now; I'm sick of him playing up this "fat, sweaty British loser" type, while smugly reminding the audience that he's actually hugely talented and succesful. The sheer amount of cameos from sitcom alumni and Oscar winners was kind of disconcerting. Plus, there was a weird (to me, at least) use of the word 'faggot' to get a laugh, which I was just kind of turned off by.

I'll probably go to see another flick tomorrow after work. I'm excited about Fish Tank.

Anonymous said...

There's a film called Rapping with Shakespeare that's playing at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema. I saw it last week and would recommend it to anyone. It tells the story of an inspiring group of high-school students who, despite the violence and familial instability around them, are able to make positive changes for themselves and their community.

it's playing at cinema du parc: 12 OCTOBER @ 3:30 PM 13 OCTOBER @ 1:15 pm

Dominique said...

My hometown!

Have a lovely time :)


Glendon. I did try the poutine. yummy