Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Curio: Cher Paper Doll

Alexa here from Pop Elegantiarum. Maybe it's all the "Half-Breed" references on Project Runway last week, or maybe it's the recent casting news on Burlesque, but I'm loving this Cher paper doll over at Paper Doll World. For those in love with paper dolls as much as me, her Anthony Perkins and Sophia Loren are pretty sweet, too.


Jude said...

What's happening with that movie called The Dropout that Cher said was the role of a lifetime on Ellen (right before the presedential election If I remember correctly) ?


I'm so disappointed that this doll doesn't come with the March 1986 Oscar ceremony outfit or the March 1988 outfit for that matter.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Love the hair on the shoulders of all the dresses!

Yes, the Cher late eighties outfit, like that famous spider woman Vegas show girl mess she wore once, with the big black feathers head dress. Gotta love it.

I broke my sisters Cher doll by accident as a kid, and she never forgave me!