Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stanley Tucci Rising "Gird Your Loins!"

On the same day I sat in the presence of Tilda Swinton (which I already told you about), I also attended the similarly formatted Stanley Tucci event at the New Yorker festival. You can read my article about the experience over at Tribeca. I love that they festooned it with an old Levi's ad of Tucci's. So weird to see him like that.

As you may have noticed in past conversations, I'm fairly fond of Tucci and I've been happy to see his (supporting) star rising. I knew nothing about him personally so the event was my first reveal of what he was like off stage: serious but funny (and punny as the case may be). He's often referred to as a Character Actor which he dubs a
redundant term. What they mean is you're not a leading man. It's like saying that someone is heavyset or 'she's a handsome woman!'
That perception frees him up since he doesn't have to worry about the parts drying up with age. "It's like I feel very fortunate in a weird way that I lost my hair." he told us joking "I had it all plucked. It was a conscious plucking."

Tucci & Streep as co-workers in The Devil Wears Prada
and spouses in Julie & Julia. Here's to team-up #3. His
comments on Streep are in the article.

When it came to the very standard topic of straight-man-playing-a-gay-man (zzz, why is this still so amazing to people?) as he did in Prada, Tucci was relatively inoffensive although he couldn't resist joking about his (late) wife ribbing him about it "Well, that was pretty easy for you wasn’t it?". He told a great story about the making of the film involving his famous "Gird your loins!" line, which marked the impending arrival of Miranda Priestley.. Maybe this is on the DVD commentary -- I haven't checked -- but each take the director had him utter a different line to keep the cast on their comic toes. One time, Tucci recalls laughing, he even yelled...
'TITS IN!' which doesn't even make any sense!
'Gird your loins' for that Oscar campaign, though. The New Yorker event showed a lengthy clip of Tucci as George Harvey from The Lovely Bones. The clip wasn't exactly what you might call "subtle" -- Peter Jackson not being a demur director -- but it showcased Harvey cleaning up after the murder of Saorsie Ronan and frantically 'straightening up' his place (chillingly not in the way one would normally straighten up, quite the opposite) when the police come knocking.
Do you see Tucci as being in play for Oscar... or are you holding out for the actual film evidence?


Chris Na Taraja said...

He was really great in JULIE & JULIA. The scenes between Tucci and Streep were pure gems, so rich.

Amy Adams had a cute husband, but didn't you want to be married to Stanly Tucci after seeing this film!

Unknown said...

I definitely see Tucci in the playing field for the Oscar for The Lovely Bones. For now at least, I'm calling him to win. I'd say that his only true competition at this point is Christopher Plummer, now that we know his role in The Last Station is a "supporting role" (a.k.a. locking of a Supporting Actor veteran slot)

Glenn said...

Obviously haven't seen him in The Lovely Bones, but I'd love to see him get in for Julie & Julia.

Glenn said...

Oh, and how freakin' sexy is Stanley Tucci in the Levi commercial? Hot damn! He's still a fine specimen today, but that ad? Yowza.

Jess K. said...

Do you remember his brief but eerie presence in 'The Pelican Brief'? If he can pull that creepyness off times ten, I'll bet money he gets a chance for Oscar.

Kurtis O said...

I'm not holding out a whole lot of hope for "The Lovely Bones" (the book was dreadful), but I think Tucci deserves a nod for "Julie & Julia." He was adorable.

KTibbs617 said...

Tucci was fantastic in Julie & Julia...and Prada, of course...and Big Night? I mean, come on!!! It's so nice to see someone like this really get noticed, hopefully this will extend through awards season. I'm excited and nervous for The Lovely Bones - as I am with any book to film adaptation.

I truly fell in love with Stanley Tucci while attending the NY Times Talk he did promoting J&J with Nora Ephron and Meryl Streep. He's incredibly charismatic, funny, thoughtful and genuine.

Ceri said...

Love Stanley Tucci. Have loved him in everything I've ever seen him in. I'm waiting until I see The Lovely Bones to decide whether it's Oscar worthy (but who are we kidding? - Peter Jackson doesn't seem to want to just direct to tell a story).

Unknown said...

I think he's a shoo-in for 'Bones.' His work in J&J will just strengthen the campaign.

Nat -- Do you know anything about Tucci's film 'Blind Date?' I just found out about it. Apparently he wrote, directed, and starred in it, and he's opposite Patty Clarkson. I'm definitely going to catch it when I can.

Also, Nat -- I cannot WAIT to hear your thoughts on Amelia. I went to a press screening last night and left the theater gagging. I personally thought Swank did a good job considering what she had to work with, but something tells me you won't feel the same way. :P

Kyle said...


Christoph Waltz is clearly the front-runner for the Best Supporting oscar, and will likely walk away with it.

Elisabeth said...

God that ad is sexy. And one of the first things you find when you google Tucci! Good times.