Friday, October 09, 2009

The Most Important Film News of All Time

So what if I'm a few days late catching it. Be patient with me. My week has been a blur of horror... and not of the movie kind. Just pretend you haven't heard this crazy ass news yet and let me scoop my jaw up (before the pole dancing commences)

Showgirls 2?

WHAT ?!? What!?

I'm speechless. Even if Gina Gershon, Paul Verhoeven, Elizabeth Berkeley and Joe Eszterhas aren't involved it's still so... WHAT? Showgirls may be a masterpiece (see previous posts) but it's not the kind of masterpiece that can't use a random 15 years-later bastard sequel from entirely different people.

Except... Penny!

How great is it that Rena Riffel misspells "forward" while preparing to reprise the role of her life. I am filled with joy. Seriously. I'm about to burst from it.

I hope it's the worst movie of all time. And therefore the best.


Allen said...

The prospect of a Showgirls sequel makes me all happy inside - i loved the original for all it's great badness. Sadly though, the production level on this sequel looks to be on par with a porno flick... possibly lower :o(

Robert Hamer said...

This has just replaced Iron Man 2 as my most anticipated sequel of 2010.

Glenn said...

Wow, this really is "old news" isn't it if you can only get two replies to a piece about Showgirls!


glenn. well the comments are down overall :( but yeah. only 2 for showgirls. DISTURBING.

it's funny though how things spread on the web. There were a few posts about it 4 days before this and then nothing and then a ton of posts about it everwhere the day i posted this.

weird news items spread in hiccups i guess

steve said...

i feel really hopeful now that i see Rena Riffel has given her blessing

this should be great

Seeing_I said...

They don't wanna fuck a Penny, dum-dum!

They really should be making the story of Nomi's ascent to the top of the Hollywood heap, a sequel clearly sign-posted by the end of the movie.