Monday, October 12, 2009

F&L: Fog

First and last returns. This is, I believe, the last First and Last that I'll be doing on Nathaniel's behalf. I love this stuff for some reason and I hope you've enjoyed it.

Can you guess the movie?

First image

Last line "To this day their disappearance remains a mystery."

Highlight for the answer: This is Peter Weir's beautiful PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK (1975)


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go with "Picnic at Hanging Rock". Classic Aussie films FTW!

Unknown said...

yep, the last line did it for me, Picnic at Hanign Rock

Glenn said...

Picnic at Hanging Rock it is. Such a fantastic film.

Bailey said...

Dammit! I knew this one for once! LOVE this movie. Great soundtrack too. Really eerie.