Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wild Things Overheard at the Cinema

Earlier today Nick overheard some things at the Chicago Film Festival which had me LOLing. I can't really compete with those choice bits but I do love to eavesdrop at the cinema. Exiting Where the Wild Things Are last night, I heard the following:
Asian Girl to White Guy: Maybe I would have liked it better if it were in Chinese.

I have no idea what she meant by that either but it amused me. I tried to get closer for context -- yeah, I'm curious (aka annoying) like that -- but to no avail. Exiting the theater was mayhem.

But it reminded me of a hilarious / horrifying thing I overheard a couple months back. Those following my twitter feed will have already heard this but in the airport in August I witnessed the following exchange
Excited Guy #1: Hey, did you see District 9?
Less Excited Guy #2: Yeah.
Guy #1: Did you like it?
Guy #2: (long pause) It was good. But not good in that Independence Day way.
What's the last amusing or horrifying nugget you heard at the movie theater?

And while we're here, would you have liked Wild Things better in Chinese? (Although...who needs words really with that movie? Lance Acord, I love you!)


Unknown said...

Probably anytime I heard anyone say that G.I. Joe was good haha.

Ian said...

What did you think of the acting? Which mostly applies to the vocal work, I suppose...

NicksFlickPicks said...

I totally thought of you during both exchanges. We, of course, would sound exactly the same to anyone listening in on half the stuff we talk about, especially when you get us going on our favorite movie "genres."


ian... just fine. i'm not one of those people who goes nutso for voice work almost ever (I like the whole package. only in extremely rare circumstances do i think a voice performance is so brilliant it's practically the full thing) but I did like the acting overall.

Rob said...

Oh my lord, I heard this one right outside the first showing in my area of "The Dark Knight"...

GIRL 1: I just don't get it... Is the title referring to The Joker or Batman?
GIRL 2: You're so stupid, it's neither. It's just the name of the movie.
GIRL 1: Ugh, you know what I really don't like about Batman?

And that's when I walked away.


nick so true. but i have proudly at least convinced a few other people that the genre "women who lie to themselves" is an understudied genre unto itself!

Ryan T. said...

How weird you posted this since I just posted on my blog yesterday the audience's reaction to the trailer shown before I saw Where the Wild Things Are.


bbats said...

Paranormal activity. Bratty teenage girls behind us jumping at every scare (and narrating all moments as well) but at the end of the movie said "Oh my god, that was the worst movie ever."

RobUK said...

Years ago, the person sitting next to me at a screening of Leaving Las Vegas turned to their friend and asked: "Is he an alcoholic then?"

After 90 minutes.

notanotherblog said...

The Vanity Fair exhibit in Toronto was packed. A few were looking at a picture of great directors, Scorsese, Coppola, yadda. One man blurted out "Ron Howard should be in this photo, he's a great director too."

Or at work:
Me: I'm excited to see (insert Oscar bait) next month.
Co-worker: you know what's gonna be a good movie? Twilight.
Me: *glaring in another direction, speechless.

Or after watching The Wrestler SPOLIER!:
Guy: So I guess he d*es in the end?

ZiZo said...


Girl: I don't understand why she jumped twice into the fountain?
Guy: Yeah, me neither, and she was dry after she jumped the first time, so quickly, and her hair was perfect...
Girl: This movie is so wierd.

charbadar said...

My absolute favorite thing I ever heard at a theatre came after the trailer for "Bratz." (Remember it? Didn't think so.)
The guy sitting behind me leans over to his friend and says:
"I'd rather be set on fire."

Also, the day the Oscar nominations were announced this year, I had no less than four people ask me what "Valkyrie" was nominated for. Most of them I stared at blankly, but to one I said "Why would you possibly think Valkyrie would be nominated for an Oscar?"
He shrugged and said "I don't know, Tom Cruise is in it, doesn't he always win?"

People these days.

Michael Parsons said...

After leaving 'Away We Go' some girl said "I didn't understand a word of that"

This is why I do not talk about a movie until I am home, or out of ear shot.

Dennis said...

Saw "Paranormal Activity" on Sunday. Heard this on the way out "Yeah, I heard it's all made up, not real. You know...like Blair Witch was all made up?" Wow! Really? You think???!!!!! OY!

David Coley said...

Immediately after the credits starting rolling at "Where the Wild Things Are":

"Well, that was a downer."

Unknown said...

"I'd rather be set on fire."
I'm laughing for the past i/2 hr from this

Anonymous said...

My favorite quip from the 'Where the Wild Things Are' screening I attended:

After the scene where Max is being destructive at home, a man behind me leaned over to his daughter and said, "See what happens when you don't play with your little brother?"

Lesson learned.

John T said...

On Oscar nomination morning:

"Why can't they give it to movies people have actually seen, like Transformers?"

E Dot said...

After seeing a screening of G.I. Joe.

Person 1: "So what'd you think?"

Person 2: "That may be the worst thing I've ever seen. And not just on the screen."

Lev Lewis said...

In the theatre watching "District 9". Two bodybuilders wearing ridiculous bodybuilder outfits sit behind me. 20 minutes into the film one of them turns to the other and says quite loudly:

'What is this a comedy?'

The other guy replies:

'Yeah, stupidest comedy ever.'

Hayden said...

Watching Sister Act on a date:

Me: OMG I love Maggie Smith.
Date: Which one is that?
Me: Mother Superior!
Date: Oh, the old lady! What else has she been in? *thinks* Oh, Harry Potter!

(Little did he know Dame Maggie is one of my top three favorite actresses of all time)

Anonymous said...

The movie "9" ended. Walking out I overheard....

Dude: it was alright. What did you think?
Chick: I really liked the sexy one.


Robert said...

At the Nine preview screening:

"My girl Cameron Diaz is finally going to win the Oscar for My Sister's Keeper."

Ok, it's not that horrifying considering she's not bad in the film, but a little perspective? This woman was so great to talk to and knew all the buzz, then that came out.

Of course, I say crazy stuff too, like "Max Records just edges out Sharlto Copley on my Best Actor list" or "Good Hair is the single best documentary I have seen in years," so glass houses, stones, and all of that.

Flosh said...

an elderly couple, on the way out of A SERIOUS MAN:

woman: are the coen brothers jewish?
man: i guess so. why?
woman: well, i just thought that whole movie was a little anti-semitic...
man: well, i'm pretty sure they are.
woman: anti-semitic?
man: jewish...
woman: well, they're not funny, either way.

S said...

I love how your graphic says 'She hates me.'

Haven't read the book/know the story so it's randomness amuses me.


seanisbored I was wondering if anyone would catch that :)

anon 4:24 I'm as confused as you are. who would "the sexy one" be exactly? People are so weird.

Hayden if people don't know who Maggie Smith is I don't feel they've earned a second date. Just sayin' Not that you asked for dating advice ;)

Arkaan said...

At the Diving Bell and Butterfly

Man 1: Are you going to the "Sound of Music" showing next week.
Man 2: Yes.
Man 1: Are you dressing up as a nun again?

Best part of the film.

Anna said...

Since I am the ONLY one of my friends or family that really love movies and the Oscars (sad, I know. I need new friends) then I am constantly berated with dumb comments. Such as:

After seeing The Notebook:
Friend: That'll be nominated for Oscars for sure!
Me: I loved it, but it's not really Oscar material
Friend: Well, maybe not for best movie but Rachel McAdams should be nominated. She should have been picked for Mean Girls... but didn't Lindsay Lohan get a nomination instead?


Kelly said...

After leaving The Bourne Ultimatum we got into a lift with 2 guys and their dad.
Guy1: ...The Bourne Fire.
Guy2: The Bourne Bon.
Guy1: The Bourne Jovi.
and they just went on for the whole ride. I was snorting to myself in the corner.

Henry said...

I was honestly aghast when I heard that the audience I saw Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen APPLAUDED after the end credits came up.

Afterwards, in the hallway outside the theater, I heard a trio of persons (two guys and a girl) discuss the film and they didn't like it. One guy actually said he fell asleep and the other guy was messing with him, saying that Megan Fox's character got killed and that Optimus Prime stayed dead as well. I think Guy #1 bought it while the Girl said nothing whatsoever (presumably laughing in her head). It was... odd, and amusing at the same time.

Mr. Movie Geek said...

My second time seeing Up at a dollar theater. It's packed, full of families and children. We get to the part where Carl is looking at the scrapbook (towards the end), and it's practically silent, both onscreen and in the theater.

CHILD: (audibly) "This movie is really sad."

Yes it is, child. Yes it is.