Thursday, October 22, 2009

F&L: Overture

First and last, now like gin & tonic. All mixed up! A mix of images and words, can you guess the movie?

First image

Last line "He said don't get anybody else. He said you stay with me, you take care of me."

Can you guess the movie?

Highlight the following text for the answer: East of Eden (1955) starring James Dean
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Lorenzo said...

East of Eden!!!

ZiZo said...

Yep, East of Eden

Ceri said...

East of Eden - one of my all time favourites. :D


WOW. y'all are so smart. I kept thinking musical (given that overture sign) which totally led me astray.

I don't think EAST OF EDEN is a musical. At least it wasn't last time i watched it

James Colon said...

Damn, I actually knew this one for a change, but I slept in. :(

Henry said...

I was initially thinking Exodus, but the colors on the "Overture" title made me change it to some musical. Just couldn't guess what.

Glenn said...

Yeah, wow. Well done.

Jude said...

I JUST WATCHED THIS. And when I watched it I was like "This would be a good First and Last with the whole Overture sign." What are the chances?

chris na Taraja said...

Oh crap, I only knew this because I saw EAST OF EDEN just a few days ago for the first time!

I decided that I needed to see all James Deans films once and for all.

I liked GIANT best, even though it was long.

I would like to see EAST OF EDEN redone, now that we don't have to just imply what the mother does for a living.