Saturday, October 10, 2009

F&L: Land of the Rising Sun(?)

First and last returns. For the second season of "first and last" we're mixing it up. Sometimes we'll use the first and/or last lines of dialogue from a film for our guessing game. Sometimes those alpha omega images. Sometimes a combo of first and last things. We're keeping the series fresh.

Can you guess the movie?

First image

Last line "I get the story... listening to yoooouuuu."

Highlight for the answer: This is TOMMY (1975) the famous rock musical. for all first and last puzzles, click the label below


Anonymous said...

Tommy The Movie?


Glenn said...

The Academy Award-nominated (if you can believe it) Tommy. Well done Quatsch. It's amazing how people just remember this stuff.

I only watched this last night and I didn't remember a single thing about it other than it was horrible. Completely and utterly horrible.

Anonymous said...

Any movie where Jack Nicholson songs can't be entirely without merit.

Trey said...

Dude, Tina Turner turns into a glittery, be-syringed sarcophagus. What's not to love?

Paul Outlaw said...

This scene is always watchable. "What's it all worth?" Indeed.

Glenn said...

Trey, actually on Twitter I wrote "it figures that Tina Turner singing "Acid Queen" is the only highlight of Tommy so far". Turns out it was the only highlight.

KC said...

Saw this when i was a kid and Tina scared me a little. I did like Elton John's pinball wizard, with his giant shoes and bratty attitude though.

Could have done without the pork n beans coming through the tv. WTF?

Agustin said...

Glenn, how about Ann-Margret swimming in chocolate, beans and soap??

Seeing_I said...

I adore this movie. Love the scene where Ann-Margaret bitch-slaps Roger Daltrey with her hair, as Pete Townshend's synth goes SHHHW SHHHW SHHHW!