Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Link Bag

Arts Beat When Woody Met Ingmar. How have I never heard this story before? Love it
Low Resolution hilarious take on the latest Twilight: New Moon trailer
i09 an interview with a Dollhouse writer on this last great episode
Culture Snob describe your taste in horror in 10 movies. Interesting take on a "best" list
In Contention Guy Lodge plays contrarian for Precious
Some Came Running gets nostalgic for gauzy Jenny Agutter and mack daddy Michael York in 70s 'classic' Logan's Run

This is the time of year when everyone who really loves movies remembers that not all of the best movies of any given year come out in the last two months of the year and it's so annoying that everyone pretends that they do
Man Made Movies the online Sam Rockwell Oscar for Moon campaign
Attention Deficit Disorderly great piece on The Hurt Locker and Jeremy Renner's Sgt. James


Metro Ang Lee on the Brokeback Mountain kiss
Dustin Lance Black (Milk) banned from a college campus in Michigan. He had too many opinions! (omg, we wouldn't want that a college!) Oh Michigan, home state o' mine. I love you but you embarrass me sometimes

Would you bite into this dead tauntaun cake? Edible intestines for your own intestines. Ewww but Yum! As much as I'm over Star Wars in my own life, I sometimes have nothing but admiration for its staunch fandom. Here's hoping one day people build whole wedding themes and desserts out of their Moulin Rouge! or I Heart Huckabee fandom! That's just two random examples of newer films worth loving and being creative with all the live long day.


Robert Hamer said...

"Plays contrarian?" That's a dissmissive way of putting it, don't you think?


i love Guy. but ya gotta sum up quick in a link roundup