Thursday, January 14, 2010

FB Awards 2009: Supporting Actress!

It's the tenth anniversary of the film experience awards. Where's our televised event? [sniffle] On to Supporting Actress.

A few organizations trumpeted rising star Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air), most critics prizes went to Mo'Nique (Precious) and the precursors threw familiar golden names like Julianne Moore and Penélope Cruz at you -- the latter two of which have both been gold medalists at this site's awards in previous years. We still don't know which five women Oscar will crown. But never mind all that. My turn! Here's my standard dozen*: some runners up and the five shortlisters who we'll nickname: army widow, corporate sass, arm candy, moody Mary and movie widow.

*oops. I'm two short. I'll decide later.


Connor said...

Yes! Rosamund Pike! LOVE her

Colin Low said...

Haha, I love how Christoph Waltz's face fills up all five slots as a placeholder in your Best Supporting Actor category. Isn't that how it should go ;)

Andrea said...

I lol'd at the Christoph Waltz image monopoly. Having just finished watching IB for the third time, I'm somewhat enamored with him (can you BELIEVE he's in his fifties?)

Samantha Morton kind of irritates me. I feel like she can't do anything outside showy excessive grief. Well, at least Rosamund Pike balances her out.

Alex said...

I'm surprised that Julianne Moore didn't even get some sort of Honorable Mention. Wasn't she your runner-up for SAVAGE GRACE?

kent said...

great to hear a shout out for rosamund pike. she is quite good in the film.

so exciting you're showing love to marion cotillard since her fiasco in 2007. i L-O-V-E her in NINE.

also, it's nice to see i wasn't the only one not wowed by anna kendrick. i just thought she was too fussy and amateur --not being able to connect well with her character.

my personal ballot would be similar as well:
marion cotillard -NINE
vera farmiga -UP IN THE AIR
monique -PRECIOUS

Anonymous said...

Farmiga over Kendrick?

Steven said...

Yay for Marion in Supporting (where she belongs)! Great performance. THE performance of the movie by far.


mikey67 said...

Yes, Farmiga over Kendrick.
Cotillard over Cruz. She is the only part of Nine I would watch again. and Pike over ...? She was lovely in this role, but i would have honored her with an Ensemble nod. Great lineup. Such a field this year. I would also put in a vote for Moore, but only over Pike.

Sam Brooks said...

I love these nominees, including my personal favourite fo the season; Rosamund Pike. Give this girl an easy, loose movie with which to work wonders. An An Education if you will.

And Farmiga was also very good in The Vintner's Luck, which nobody saw. For good reason. For it is terrible.

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

I was sure Juliette Lewis in "Whip It" would be a shoe-in for you in this category.
Yay Pike though!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Save for Samantha Morton (who I haven't seen yet), I completely agree with your supporting actress nominees. I would put Kruger (one of your finalists) in that final slot. But Farmiga over Kendrick, Kruger over Laurent, Cotillard over the rest of "Nine"...impeccable taste as usual.

adam k. said...

Wow, a few surprises here... I knew you preferred Farmiga over Kendrick (as do I), but I didn't realize you weren't that fond of Kendrick at all. Not even an honorable mention?

I agree that she came off fussy and amateurish, but I thought it was totally in service of the character. So it didn't bother me in the least. BUT I was unconvinced that she had much range outside of the fussy, amateurish vibe she was giving off... the work wasn't exactly "deep", which is why I'm firmly in camp Farmiga, and am annoyed every time Kendrick wins an award over her.

But still, not even an honorable mention? I do think she deserved that. She played that character perfectly.

I also was surprised that Lewis, Harden and Moore were nowhere near the shortlist. I admire your discipline and objectivity, Nathaniel : )

I think I know who the medalists are, and in what order, but I won't spoil it ; )

adam k. said...

Oh, and I was gonna say, Kruger over Laurent?? I'd never have guessed!

adam k. said...

One more thing: Can we start a contest to caption that Vera Farmiga picture? It's GOLD. I've got one:

"Ryan Bingham's d**k is THIS BIG!"


Anonymous said...

Replace Mo'Nique (overrated though still good) and Samantha Morton (haven't seen) with Diane Kruger and Marcia Gay Harden and you have my nominees. Fantastic taste!

Anonymous said...

Is Kruger's SAG nod a total fluke, or might she have some Oscar-nom potenche? Is it cool with everyone if I use that abbreviation?

Anonymous said...

The only difference in my nominees is I have Moore instead of Morton, and I haven't even seen Morton. Suffice it to say, I'm in love.

I have to say, all the agreement in these comments makes me wonder whether we all have fantastic taste, or if the category is just weaksauce this year.

Carl Joseph Papa said...

i was thinking and guessing that you would put melanie laurent as lead. which i will hehehe. Nice choice here. I really love the Farmiga cite because I think she was the best in show in that movie

Jake D said...

I'm sad not to see Anna Kendrick. I was expecting to be underwhelmed, but I was blown away by her performance.

LOVE the Rosamund Pike nom though. She was spectacular.

Anonymous said...

I love that you have Kruger over Laurent :-)


Unknown said...

Love to see Rosamund Pike there and that I'm not alone at the Farmiga side.
I just think that Kendrick is 100% character 0% performance (ok, maybe not 0%). It's a Penny Lane, Effie White situation: anyone would be nominated with that character. She's good and that's all.
One actress I would like to see at list as a semi-finalist is Catherine Keener in Where the Wild Things Are: so amazing in such little screen time.

Glenn said...

Nice list, I guess (I haven't seen any except for Mo'Nique and Pike, damned Aussie release dates!)

My top five as of right now are:
Jessica Haines, Disgrace
Diane Kruger, Inglourious Basterds
Hanna Mangan-Lawrence, Lucky Country
Mo'Nique, Precious
Rosamund Pike, An Education

I think 2009 is the first time in this entire decade where Best Supporting Actor is more exciting (for me, not with Oscar - their final five looks so vanilla except for Waltz and Harrelson) than Supporting Actress.

cal roth said...

Kruger over Laurent? Really?


Cal, Douglas, Leo -- Just watched Inglourious again and totally sure of the Kruger > Laurent assessment. And that everyone is supporting (I had been leaning towards Laurent & Waltz as leads but it's just a total ensemble with all of them disappearing for whole chunks of the movie.

Alex and Adam -- just because someone didn't make this top ten does not mean that I didn't like their performance. I generally have to reduce these lists from about 30 people to 5 with 7 chasers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. R.,

what about Blanca Portillo por Broken Embraces?

Marcelo - Brazil.

Robert said...

This is a great lineup. Farmiga > Kendrick any day, though Kendrick was great - just not as multi faceted as Farmiga.

And I am a huge fan of Laurent, I'd put her over Kruger, though the second time watching the movie I realized that Kruger's performance is actually quite brilliant.

Incidentally, Anna Kendrick's cameo in New Moon saved the movie from being a total waste of time...

Michael W. said...

My nominees are 5 girls in 3 films!

Marion Cotillard - Nine
Penélope Cruz - Nine
Vera Farmiga - Up in the Air
Anna Kendrick - Up in the Air
Mo'Nique - Precious

I still haven't decided who my winner will be though. And I haven't seen The Messenger, so if I like Samantha Morton I have no idea who she would replace because I like these 5 a lot.

At first I had Mélanie Laurent here too, but then I saw Nine and Cotillard and Cruz, so even though I honestly think it's the wrong placement, I switched Mélanie to lead :D But at least she's more lead than Cotillard, so I guess it will have to do.

Andrew K. said...

Nathaniel, I didn't know that you were against double nomination like AMPAS too. Oh well, not to pick your brain [yeah, right] do you think Cotillard's Billie would have made your top 10. Still haven't seen Nine but I was impressed with the valiant effort she put up in Public Enemies.

Arkaan said...

on Farmiga

"Adept at screen chemistry. Doesn't it feel like her male co-stars have to earn her? More please. And soon"

Can I get an amen? The last person to have this level of chemistry with George Clooney was Jennifer Lopez, and she had to be locked in a car trunk with him first (no, Brad Pitt doesn't count)

jc said...

kruger over laurent. definitely

how i wish she made it to the nominees instead of merely being a 'finalist'

Jim T said...

Nathaniel, I have to admit that I don't really like that you nominate people for a combination of performances. I mean, how do I know how much you like Linney in Savages and Linney in Jindabyne or Cotillard in Nine and Cotillard in Public Enemies?

Of course that's my only complaint regarding your wonderful awards.

Mike M. said...

A great line-up! I, too, appreciate the lack of Anna Kendrick. Personally, I thought it was a competent but uninspired performance that any actress could have played.

My hypothetical ballot:
1) Mo'Nique
2) Julianne Moore (I actually greatly enjoyed this performance, accent issues aside, and think she deserves a nomination on merit rather than guilt for robbing her so horribly (twice!) in the past.
3. Melanie Laurent
4. Marion Cotillard
5. Vera Farmiga

Still need to see The Messenger and Morton's apparently divine contribution.

Unknown said...

Great list! My own looks like this:

1. Mo'Nique
2. Vera Farmiga
3. Diane Kruger
4. Julianne Moore
5. Kristen Wiig (Whip It)

Michael C. said...

Love the Mimi Kennedy mention. Tip of the hat to you, sir. If only all Oscar voters were as thoughtful and thorough.

I'd also like to chime in with my agreement of Kruger over Laurent and Farmiga over Kendrick. I think Farmiga gets my vote for the win but I still gotta catch The Messenger since I've been a big Morton booster since Sweet and Lowdown.

Looking forward to the rest of the awards.

KEVIN M. said...

1. Melanie Laurent
2. Mo'Nique
3. Diane Kruger
4. Vera Farmiga
5. Rosamund Pike

Sean said...

My personal ballot for Best Supporting Actress would be:

Aylicia Delmore, Humpday
Melanie Laurent, Inglourious Basterds
Susanne Lothar, The White Ribbon
Mo'Nique, Precious
Samantha Morton, The Messenger

Although I still need to see some more films. Out of your ballot, I think Mo'Nique should get the Gold, Morton the Silver, and Cotillard the Bronze (and I have seen all of your nominees).

Michael Parsons said...

Great choices as usual Nathaniel.
I fear Samantha Morton may become to the Film Bitch Awards what Julianne Moore is to the Oscars.

Travis said...

Gotta agree about the Kruger > Laurent assessment, though I they're both excellent. I would LOVE to see Kruger get an Oscar nomination.

So happy to see Mimi Kennedy get a mention! The "In the Loop" cast is incredible. I'd also say Gina McKee is just as deserving (Anna Chlumsky's also great)

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

Rosamund Pike is refreshing, but forgettable in "An Education." I like the fact that she was able to weave a reasonable amount of dignity out of all that ditziness. It's like I found her character was stupid, but I also respected it.

She really needs a good lead role to accentuate her growing reputation.

And Aarkan.
-Jennifer Lopez is not the only one...remember Catherine Zeta-Jones?
She was just as fiery in "Intolerable Cruelty."

billybil said...

Ah what a wonderful time of year! It's FB time again!!!!

billybil said...

Love the Kurger over Laurent choice! You're so smart!

Timothy said...

No Anna Kendrick anywhere? Scandalous! Well, not really, but yeah, to me it is.


Jim T ... how it works with the multiples is that the performances before the parenthesis is the preferred "nominated" performance. So the Cotillard nomination is for NINE with a tip of the hat to Public Enemies. Only rarely is the second performance something I'd also nominate if i allowed for double nominations (like Laura Linney in Jindabyne which might have knocked someone out of that category. She was in the 5-7 range while i was thinking about it) So when i'm adding up my tally of this film got this many nominations, only the first film counts.

Jim T said...

So, Waltz dominated the field this year, huh? :p

Jim T said...

Oh, OK. Thanks for the clarification :)

OtherRobert said...

I'm big on Catherine Keener in Where the Wild Things Are and included her in my own year end wrap up posts. It's a small role done incredibly well. Then again, Max Records still makes my Best Actor shortlist for the same film. Take it for what it's worth.

Paul Outlaw said...

Mariah Carey
Marion Cotillard (Public Enemies or Nine)
Samantha Morton
Carrie Preston (That Evening Sun)

Jacob Lives said...

I would have placed Melanie Laurent, Penelope Cruz, Anna Kendrick, Julianne Moore, and Diane Kruger over Rosamund Pike. There wasn't much there with Pike's character like it was with those other ones.

My five:

1. Mo'Nique, "Precious"
2. Anna Kendrick, "Up in the Air"
3. Melanie Laurent, "Inglourious Basterds"
4. Marion Cotillard, "Nine"
5. Julianne Moore, "A Single Man"

Lucky said...

Although I enjoyed Rosamund Pike's performance, when I think about someone who did a lot with limited time in An Education, I think of Dominic Cooper. Cooper did add layers to his character, while I think Pike was more cartoonish.

mrripley said...

Excellent choices Nat v close to my own,thank god someone called on mimi kennedy i was in stitches with here and wondered if she was lead!

my top 5

1 - mo'nique - preciuos
2 - marion cotillard - public enemies
3 - vera farmiga - up in the air
4 - mimi kennedy - in the loop
5 - diane kruger - inglorious basterds
5 -

mrripley said...

Agreed people about kendrick she totally messed up the break up scene- what was with those hands!!!!!

RJ said...

Ecstatic to see Rosamund Pike up there.

Rahm said...

Haha, love how Christoph Waltz's picture fills up all five spots in Best Supporting Actor. Very deserved. He was fantastic.

Happy to see Marion as one of your picks. I still need to see Nine.

I re-watched Inglourious Basterds and while Diane Kruger's performance got better the second time around I still prefer Melanie Laurent's. Diane's German accent when she was speaking English bothered me way too much. She kept slipping in and out of the accent, sometimes she sounded American other times German.

DJ said...

Can't complain about any of those choices. I'm very surprised you liked Kruger more than Laurent. Here's my top 5:

1. Cotillard (Nine)
2. Mo'Nique (Precious)
3. Weisz (The Brother's Bloom)
4. Cotillard (PE)
5. Laurent (IB)

Rebecca said...

Are the finalists & semi-finalists in roughly descending order?

Rebecca said...

P.S. - nice picks. I haven't seen Morton yet, but otherwise I wholeheartedly agree - Pike was wonderful. I would have found it hard to choose between Kennedy, Chlumsky, and McKee for 'In the Loop', though Kennedy would probably win out.

Anonymous said...


Best Picture
Departures (from Japan)
Where the Wild Things are

Best Direction
James Cameron (Avatar)
Spike Jonze (WtWTa)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Blanca Portillo (Broken Embraces)

Best Actor in Supporting Role
Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds)

Best Adapted Screenplay
Where the Wild Things are

Best Original Screenplay

Best Editing
Sherlock Holmes
Where the Wild Things are

Best Original Score
The Informant!
Sherlock Holmes
Where the Wild Things are

Best Song
The Princess and the Frog

Best Art Direction

Best Costume Design
Inglorious Basterds

Best Sound
Harry Potter
Where the Wild Things are

Best Visual Effects

Best Sound Effects
Where the Wild Things are

Best Makeup
Harry Potter
Where the Wild Things are

Marcelo - Brazil


Rebecca -- yeah, i always list in roughly descending order (except the nominees who are alphabetical)

Anonymous said...

OMG! No Julianne from you? No Anna? I'm shocked! (although I haven't seen either movie. I just figured....)

Andrew R. said...

It's so nice that in Supporting, the best supporting performances of the year are being rewarded EVERYWHERE.

I loved what you did with Waltz. But Melanie Laurent in Supporting?

My picks for Supporting Actress would be Mo'nique, Laurent, Farmiga, Cotillard, and Kendrick. That's in order from best to worst.

Andrew R. said...

Oh shit, I forgot Julianne Moore! Scratch off Kendrick from my ballot!

So did you!

Cameron said...

Love your nominees! I can't wait to see what you do with supporting actor. Other than Christoph Waltz and Woody Harrelson the category has been pretty abysmal this awards season. Much much love for the Film Bitch Awards!!!

Hilary Swank said...

For Leading Actress, don't forget about the lead girl in Thirst. She was amazzzzziiinnngg! ;)

Olvin said...

I am definitely Juliette Lewis in "Whip It".....:)