Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zoë Saldana Loves You

she sees you.

Have fun tonight wherever you're going for Golden Globe partying! Be safe.


Anonymous said...

I see you Nat

D said...

So unless the imdb photo galleries are deceiving me... is Kristin Chenoweth there with Quentin Tarantino? Or were they just posing for photos together? I think we need a caption contest and an explanation.

NoNo said...

Aww...don't drink too much!

Magicub said...

Why Cloe savigny looks to melike and older Evan Rachel Wood, who looks like an older Saoirse Ronan?

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago someone on this very blog stated that Miss Saldana wasn't Black she was Dominican. Just to let you guys know Dominican isn't a freakin race. Latino isn't a freaking race. Yes, Zoe is a Latina and she is Dominican that's like saying Marion Cotillard isn't White she's French WTF?? As ZOE has stated many times before she is a Black woman.

Cameron Diaz is a Latina a White one. C'mon people when will we ever learn.

Sara said...

I love her. She ain't the bestest actress of all time but I don't need her to be. She's ridiculously gorgeous and charming. And 2009/2010 have been really good to her :)

Anonymous said...

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