Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes 01/17/10

txtcritic: why the f*** does Cameron Diaz STILL get to sit next to DiCaprio and Scorsese?!? "Gangs of New York" was EIGHT f***ing years ago!

Nathaniel: Best Supporting Actress, Monique in Precious! YES. I don't think God votes on the Golden Globes but it's nice of Mo'Nique to thank him for her good fortune anyway.
Best Actress, TV (Comedy) Toni Collette, United States of Tara.

rich: Apparently they have hired professional walkers to get actresses up the stairs.

jensen: keep the tradition of nepotism alive! Miss Golden Globes honors this great tradition.

Nathaniel: Best Supporting Actor, TV John Lithgow in Dexter. Do we think he's one of the most (over?) rewarded performers ever. How many Globes and Emmys and TONYs does he have now?
txtcritic: Do you think John Lithgow is even capable of speaking at a low or medium voice?
Nathaniel: Best Animated Feature, Up. This room is very divided on which film deserved it actually. We have Up supporters, Coraline fanatics and Fantastic Mr. Fox devotees in the (tree) house.

"One thing that can't be bought is a Golden Globe... officially." Hee.

Someone in room: Is that Christopher Walken?
Someone else: Who is Phillip Burke?
Jensen: He's the Dorian Gray portrait Nicole Kidman keeps in her attic.
Nathaniel: Best Actor, Drama TV Michael C Hall, Dexter
Best Actress, Drama TV Julianne Marguiles The Good Wife
Jensen: wearing a Star Trek evening gown.
txt critic: Harrison Ford and the Kingdom of the Wooden Intro
Nathaniel: Best Original Song "The Weary Kind" / Best Original Score Michael Giacchino "UP"
Why does seeing Cher make me so happy?

I'm glad that her farewell tour is over and now she can have a farewell movie. And next a farewell... whatever. I'm just glad to see her again.

Best Miniseries/Movie Grey Gardens. They drowned out their boringass acceptance speech. They used up all their time trying to make it to the stage. The orchestra didn't drown out Mo'Nique. Mo'Nique wouldn't have that!

Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia
T-Bone Streep!
I would like her to win a third Oscar and also to run for Queen Empress of the World.

Though I suppose she already holds that title.

Best Actor in a TV Mini/Movie Kevin Bacon in Taking Chance
Best Actress in a TV Mini Movie Drew Barrymore in Grey Gardens
Drew is so lovely. And sincere. She really is a child of Hollywood. Or a great grandchild of Hollywood. Seriously. The Barrymores!

txtcritic: I'm wildly drunk and should be blogging more. That sentence took six minutes to write.

Nathaniel: Best Screenplay Up in the Air and Best Actor Comedy (TV) Alec Baldwin in 30Rock
Clearly having a party while live-blogging is not working. What are y'all doing out there in the void? Why do the Globes drive everyone to drink so heavily? Are they secretly owned by alcohol companies?

txtcritic: I hereby predict "Avatar" to win zero awards for the evening. But seriously, considering how awesome "Inglourious Basterds" was, how awesome would it have been if Samuel L. Jason played some sort of part? Holy fuck, Sophia Loren just walked on the stage and scared the shit out of me.

Nathaniel: Best Foreign Film Michael Haneke's White Ribbon. Ausgezeichnet!

txtcritic: Revelation: Michael Haneke is capable of love?!

Nathaniel: Best TV Drama Mad Men
Joe: Christina Hendricks should be on the front of a ship.
Nathaniel: Hee.

Nathaniel: Best Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz Inglourious Basterds
Best Supporting Actress TV Whatever Chlöe Sevigny... or as the Globes spell it "Chloí" ??? What the f***? You really should spell your winners correctly. It was one thing on the E! arrival show when they wrote "Julianne More" on a scroll. But at the Globes?

Best Actress Drama Sandra Bullock The Blind Side
Best Actor Comedy Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes
Best Director James Cameron Avatar
Best Picture Avatar
It's all about the box office tonight at the Golden Globes!

This experiment in sorta liveblogging but not live blogging didn't really work. You have to commit. Or be committed. Hope your evening was as fun and high spirited and that you made it home safe afterwards. Good night


Joel said...

Not usually a fan of Lithgow, but he really was deserving for Dexter...

Christine said...

Wow, they aren't even pretending Nine has a chance of winning anything anymore, are they? There goes my chance of winning the Film Experience Oscar predictions.

Fernando Moss said...

I love Cher... and I love that the best song of the bunch actually won

Magicub said...


Timothy Griffiths said...

Why the hell was Michael C. Hall wearing a hat? I don't get it...

5/5 so far /w Meryl for Julia and Julia.

I don't expect to go perfect by any means, but not doing bad so far...

Magicub said...

Get Merryl an award for best award speech,

notanotherblog said...

"Why the hell was Michael C. Hall wearing a hat? I don't get it..."


Anyway, fuckles I missed the first part of Meryl's. What did she say before "I love Nora."?

Timothy Griffiths said...

Holy smokes, cancer? I had no idea! I love Michael C. Hall and when I saw him I was like, "God, why the hat? And he doesn't look so good. What's the deal?" I thought maybe it was for a role, but yeah... that sucks. Hope he'll be okay.

Magicub said...


Anonymous said...

Meryl gave her speech and "KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK"

Give her the Oscar already...

Klemen said...

Drew was AMAZING.I'm gonna be watching this speech for days:)

Lucky said...

Drew was really touching, and I was expecting something more fun from Meryl, but she was very classy.

About Hall, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but aparently he's getting better now. Glad he finally won.

Timothy Griffiths said...

Ah, first one wrong. I guessed Tarantino.
5/6 now.

francisco said...

Amanda Palmer is twittering and twitpiccing from the ceremony

Dean said...

I agree with txt critic.
I am so taken aback that Haneke loves a person... not to even mention he's able to sit in a ceremony that praises Hollywood.

City_Of_Lights said...

We could all go home after Mo'Nique's words.

As usual I rolled my eyes at Meryl. I never believe a word she says...on the screen or in real life. Streep lovers...take your best shot.

Mad Men FTW!

Cameron shouldn't be on any more award shows.

Felicity Huffman in her mistake was adorable.

Marion and Nicole look gorgeous.

Sophia Loren chose a beuatiful dress.

The show just now is feeling a little long. Gervais isn't that great....

Jim T said...

Can I say that although I haven't seen many Mad Men episodes but I love Christina Hendricks!

Ann McD said...

I hate Gervais.

Lucky said...

oh, oh... Cameron?
Avatar's winning

Timothy Griffiths said...

Damnit. I originally had James Cameron as my prediction today but then switched it to Bigelow under mounting pressure.

Should've gone with my gut. Damnit.

mercutio18 said...

Awesome for Glee...thought after Baldwin's win that 30 Rock would get the win.

Robert said...

WTF (500) Days of Summer should have won best comedy. I am soooo, so mad.

Michael W. said...

Hmm. Cameron. Whatever. Well at least he admitted that Kathryn deserved it. And what the hell was up with that fake language!!? That wasn't necessary now was it Jim?

Jake D said...

UGH Hangover. What a joke. Also Cameron was pretty shocking. Guess Avatar's going to win Drama.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's chances are pretty much dead now, I guess. Please not Matt Damon though :(

Maybe a Gabourey Sidibe win will save the night.

Klemen said...

i will always love the Globes, but the Hangover win was bullshit.

Timothy Griffiths said...

Alright, Sandra Bullock for the Blind Side!
Only white people can save poor black people and that's what I learned from the Blind Side!
As my boyfriend said, it's the opposite film of Precious.
(Definitely should've been Gabourey Sidibe)

Ryan Ray said...

Wah, no more Hangover.

I feel Lithgow is NOT over-rewarded. Didn't they even say it was only his second Golden Globe? He's great and does drama and comedy so well.

I was hoping for a Modern Family and Sidibe to win. Sad.

Somehow Downey Jr. just won. At least he's humorous.

Klemen said...

I now wonder if Matt Damon will forever go unawarded.They really kinda take him for granted.Shame.Whatever, love Downey too:)

Carl Joseph Papa said...

crap wins after another. I am puking already

Clover said...

Wow, non of the nominated actor's films have made much money so we really can't tell who's winning

mercutio18 said...

Damon, an actor with a behind-the-camera Oscar. Nope not gonna feel sorry for him.

At least he's trying. Costner hasn't done anything worth a damn since he won for Dances with Wolves.

And anyway...take tonight with a grain of salt. Its the Hollywood Foreign Press after all.

Wendy said...

Ok things have gotten weird now. It's just hard for me to accept these last few wins. Cameron, The Hangover, Downey Jr., Bullock over Bigelow, (500) Days, Gordon-Levitt, and Mulligan?

francisco said...

what would you have said if they had told you a few months ago thah the hangover was gonna win over NINE??

funny how things change

still 500 days should have won

Lucky said...

and to think that before tonight all he had won was an Indie Spirit award over 15 years ago.

Timothy Griffiths said...

My boyfriend and I are tied at 8/13. It comes down to best picture. I picked Up In The Air. He picked Avatar.

I'm pretty sure he's going to win.

Bernardo said...

I'm really confused. I really liked Avatar and yet, I am very angry at both of its wins tonight. I also feel like punching James Cameron in the face.

Michael W. said...

The evening started so well and ended in a total crap fest.

I still can't see Avatar winning the Oscar though. The Hurt Locker got the biggest applause and several big stars actually looked dissapointed when Avatar won!!!

Oh well. If Avatar and SaBu wins the Oscar this year is officially much, much worse than the Slumdog stupidity last year :(

Anonymous said...

This is pathetic. It truely is.
When a stupid video game with pretty colors beats good scripts, good acting... GOOD MOVIES

Michael W. said...

Wait a minute! Was I watching the People's Choice Awards tonight!? No? Ok. I was mistaken then...

Dean said...


Unknown said...

What's with the random outbursts of extra applause? If you didn't know better, you'd think Tobey Maguire and Jane Lynch were about to win Globes.

Jake D said...

The box office observation is completely right. Blind Side, Hangover, Avatar, Downey, Jr.

Populism at its best, I guess.

Mike said...

I am so happy for Chloe Sevigny (!), Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, and Mo'Nique, among others. My condolences to Ms. Sevigny for having her gorgeous dress ripped.

But...What the Hell, Sandra Bullock. I know the Globes love their stars, but over Gabby or Carey? Or even Blunt or Mirren? Not cool, even though I was expecting it.

And I loved seeing Sally Hawkins, and hope she pops up in some more films soon.

No Bad Movies said... that's an award show. Hollywood A list all the way were in attendence. Moved at a nice pace and no insipid, time wasting trying to be funny presentations. Ceremony didn't feel like 3 hours.

Fave moments...

*Scorsese's DeMille award and speech.
* Downey winning
* Up In The Air for Screenplay
* Meryl and Sandra winning ( again )
* Jeff Bridges nice, humble speech.
* HFPA likes Avatar

Entertainig show !

NoNo said...

Very sad for Joseph Gordon-Levitt but I'm glad he didn't win because he was clearly drunk and we would've had another Mariah Carey speech. He looked so happy to be there though! He's adorable!

Steolicious said...

Too much Avatar for my taste, I hope Quentin's Bastards are more successful at the Oscars. I'm happy for Michael C. Hall he should win every year since "Six Feet Under"!

The only big surprise to me was Robert Downey Jr. - I expected Damon to win.

Anonymous said...

I had fun watching the show!
But what annoys me is that although Avatar was good, I don't think that it is best Picture good...

It should be nominated, but I just see other movies as more deserving.

O. Andrew D said...

AVATAR deserved it. A movie that special and mind blowingly creative only comes around every once in a while. It should be rewarded because its just on a whole nother planet (no pun intended) than the other nominees.

Rick said...

I thought the wins were actually fairly good ... although I loved Avatar, I was really rooting for The Hurt Locker and Bigelow for director ... maybe they will get it at Oscar time. Biggest surprise for me was Downey, Jr. winning ... I really wanted JGL to get it.
Meryl is pretty much a cinch for Oscar ( I hope ) ... I remember this time last year I stated on this blog that Streep would NOT even be nominated for "Julie and Julia"... I am her biggest fan and now am disappointed in myself.

The character on this blog that said she is never believable in movies or real life really needs to get a brain overhaul!!!
Her speech tonight was compelling.

OtherRobert said...

Why am I mad about an Avatar win? I liked Avatar quite a bit, especially Weaver, Rodriguez, Saldana, and Pounder. Shouldn't I be celebrating Up in the Air losing the big award? That's my "Why is this film successful" enemy of the 2009 film year.

I know what it is. I'm only upset my grim Precious prediction is coming true: Mo'Nique is overshadowing a great film with a superb performance. Poor Gabby, poor Lee, poor everybody involved in the film not currently hosting a late night talk show on BET.

Bryan said...

In my opinion, the casualties of the evening:

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt-- that whole movie, actually
2. Gabby Sidibe-- a great performance that seems to be destined to get nominations, but nothing more.
3. Kathryn Bigelow-- that whole movie, really
4. Steve Carrell-- Alec Baldwin has won everything for the past four years. Can't Steve get one little award? And Alec wasn't even there. It looks like The Office will always go unrewarded, too.
5. Nine-- 'nough said.

Anonymous said...

Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Christoph Waltz, and Mo'nique: Which one of these is gonna lose?

John T said...

Well, I think that sort of settles it for the Oscars, at least for three-fourths of the acting Oscars-Mo'Nique, Waltz, and Bridges, if they didn't already, had it all locked up. I think that, in the duel between Bullock and Streep, it seems more and more likely that Bullock is going to take this one-it's still dead even in my mind, but Bullock has the big mo.

Wayne B said...

Mo'Nique, Drew and Scorsese were definitely my favourite speeches of the night. Julianna Margulies has one hot husband. ;)

Anonymous said...

Best Moments:
- Just seeing Penelope is incredible. Seriously she is the most beautiful person on the planet.
- SOPHIA, I know she had lifts and tucks, but I think she's so far above everyone in terms of beauty and talent.
- AVATAR win. Its too amazing.

Biggest Disappointments:
- BIG LOVE has to win one of these days
- that being said c'mon JANE LYNCH is awesome

Actor most likely to lose Oscar:
- Streep: Mo, Waltz, Bridges are like 90% and Streep is 80%.

Most excited about
- 3 Movies could win Best Pic and that is exciting.

Jake Mooney said...

I finally admit that I don't get this Robert Downey Jr renaissance. Really? Michael Cera has bad range, but this guy takes his Tony Stark, gives him a jaunty chapeau and a walking stick and suddenly is the new Olivier??

DH said...

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed their reluctance to shut off Mo'Nique. They had no problem shutting up everyone else though.

notanotherblog said...

John T: If the Globes and the Oscars do deviate in the acting awards, it will be either Streep or Bridges, most likely Bridges. But with the reactions in the Globes, Bridges' campaign and the Academy's love for him will be on fire.

But I would rather have the two awards ceremonies differ or Best Director and Best Picture. Please. I will do anything.

Jon Foerster said...


1) Love your blog and

2) Is it just me or does Kathryn Bigelow bear a passing resemblance to Project Runway's Nina Garcia?

brandz said...

meryl streep looked simply divine. and she gave another great speech. what a legend!

danielson said...

Disappointing Daniel Day-Lewis didn't win in his category. Seriously, the only person that came close to bringing it as good and trying something different and what they have never attempted was Matt Damon changing his appearence for The Informant. Day-Lewis attempted something he has never done before, something not easy to do and succeeded and his dramatic parts in the film were well done.
I still think Oscar might go to Bigeglow in direction. I wouldn't count her out. Mark Boal as well for screenplay.

mikey67 said...

the screenplay for up in the air is so overrated!

Andrea said...

Danielson - He tried. It didn't work. Fangirl for DDL but Damon was so much more deserving. It wasn't just a changed appearance, it was a very sly, intelligent performance. The Downey win is just ridiculous (man, so many D's!), it was more of a "sucks that Downey didn't win anything last year plus who wouldn't want to see him make a speech?" and RDJ was admittedly hilarious.

Am I the only one who thought Ricky Gervais was decent? Controversy (Paul McCartney joke), feel-good pokes (Jay Leno joke), Gervais was exactly right for the Globes.

Jon Foerster said...

Agreed Stella, and don't forget that BALLSY joke about Mel Gibson.

Ricky Gervais for Oscar Host!

Marshall1 said...

I love Ricky Gervais as the host!

Really thankful that Michael C. Hall finally wins for Dexter! I thought it should’ve won best drama series as well because it just had the best season since season 1. I also thought Jennifer Carpenter should’ve been nominated for Dexter. Didn't think Lithgow was over-rewarded in the Golden Globes. He WAS over-rewarded in the Emmys.

Glad that Glee won! Makes me so…..happy? Even though I’m sad that jane Lynch didn’t win, I’m happy for Chloe’s win because she’s great in the underrated Big Love. It seems to be getting better and better.

Definitely not feeling the wins for the Hangover and Robert Downey Jr. Very happy for the win for best score and the White Ribbon though (I was actually supporting the Maid!)

Can we safely say that Avatar is now the frontrunner, especially for BP? I agree with Sasha, it is quite an experience, but it is probably not the best movie of the year (it’s high up there). I actually wasn’t quite pissed that james Cameron won, but I think the win also proves that Hollywood is still a white man’s place (it’s also interesting that he got his Oscar from one of the powerful white male Mel Gibson).

If you take a tiny city like Hong Kong, directors like the amazing Ann Hui actually won the Hong Kong academy awards TWICE!!!!!!!!!! Check out The way we are and you will get a slice of normal life of hong kong lower middle class.

I actually DON”T hate Sandra Bullock, but I just finds it discouraging that people prefer to vote for her personality instead of her work over Mulligan, Sidebe, and Helen Mirren. The Apocalypse is getting closer by the
I actually think Sidebe was going to win, but after Bullock won the "Critics awards", I think it's also a duel between her and Meryl. Overall, it’s an enjoyable time!
Agreed with Foerster, Bigelow=a less mean Nina Garcia??

RC said...

I noticed they spelled Sevingy's name wrong too...she was kind of cranky as is, don't think she'll like that.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

meh, I can live with Avatar winning BP, but I'm SO disappointed Bigelow lost BD. Can't they accept a woman winning??? still hope Oscar will reward her, but I'm doubting it now...

Anonymous said...

This night was such a total fail.

The only thing that made for it was seeing all everyone's bitch faces when Avatar won. The only guy who looked mildly happy was Lee Daniels cause he probably practiced his happy losing face a lot.

Danny King said...

Am I the only one who finds Meryl Streep's presence at these shows a bit annoying? I have trouble watching her give a five minute speech after being rewarded for an emotionless impersonation while Michael Haneke is cut off after thirty seconds.

VonCastle said...

Meryl was AWESOOOOME, finally the
3rd Oscar is on the horizon after so many "stolen".
Only REALLY nice thing about this Globes.

Avatar is beautiful... but is it really a movie with actors and a script? Bigelow should have won, Siddibe should have won. And Hangover was amusing... but not brilliant in any way, nobody will remember it in 5 years... way worse than J&J or (500)!

Was this the MTV awards? Honestly HFPA...

Dude said...

am I the only one who thought Bullock's dress was one of the trashiest, cheapest looks I've seen in a long, long time? no one seems to be commenting on that!!!

watch movies online legally said...

I wonder who will get an Oscar among those actors...

Jim T said...

Hey, Nathaniel, it wasn't so bad. I had fun with this liveblogging. More fun than with the actual awards! Did they suck or what?

jc said...

give meryl the oscar. then the cecil b demille next year :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like The Hurt Locker.

Losing yesterday was the best thing that could have happened to the film. Oscars have acquired a tendency of surprising in best picture and they may want to go for Bigelow's film.

Marcelo - Brazil.

Andrew R. said...

Tsk tsk, Avatar won. I though it was an even race for Best Picture and Bigelow would win Director. Don't approve. Have you heard the dialouge in Avatar? Jeez. People's Choice Awards much? Oh wait, no Twilight-phew.

I knew White Ribbon would win Foreign Film! Mwahahaha!

Where oh where oh where is Ponyo in Animated?

Robert Downey Jr., ugh. I hate Sherlock Holmes. Matt Damon should've won.

Hooray for Mo'nique! Boo on giving the award to Bullock-we want Mulligan or Sibide or even Mirren! But not that racist piece of crap with an average Bullock performance-The Blind Side!

As for TV, the only award I cared about was Best Supporting Actress for the evil Glee lady...who lost. DAMN.

Yeah, I hate the Globes. Especially for costing some people a lock or nom at the Oscars.

Chief Brody said...

...was that Michael Jackson with Christina Aguilera?

Pf_Iggy said...

I love the GG, the show more than the awards. Though, you've got to give them credit where credit is due. No other awards body can outdo itself the way the GG do. Once you think they've screwed it up with certain award, then they do it again with a second one.

And it helps (to my love for the show) that you can watch almost the entire show on youtube the following day which doesn't happen with the BFCA. If google videos suggests that you may mean BAFTA, I guess that means you aren't relevant enough yet.

Julian Stark said...

I agree with Danny King concerning the speeches.

Not that I find Streep annoying, but they shouldn't pick and choose who to cut off. Everyone should get the same amount of time before the music starts playing.

Anyway, the good:
2. The Hangover won (my pick would have been (500) Days of Summer, but I'm just glad they didn't go with Nine)
3. Sandra Bullock won (my pick would have been Gabourey Sidibe, but I'm glad that Bullock finally has a Globe)
4. Glee won!!!
5. Mo'Nique... not that we didn't expect it, but still... awesome

the bad:
1. Avatar winning Best Motion Picture Drama. Not that it was a bad film, but should a visually impressive film with a paper-thin screenplay win a Picture award other than at MTV? I don't think so
2. Streep for Julie and Julia. She was better in It's Complicated, and the best performance nominated came from Marion Cotillard anyway

Tan said...

First of all: Thank you for that nice AUSGEZEICHNET for the White Ribbon.

Are 'Avatar' or 'Hangover' really an Oscarmovie? I hope not.

To Meryl Streep: Just give her an third Oscar, than its over with that nomination thing every year. Then she caught Ingrid Berman. And than they will not rest, till she caught up to Katharind Hepburns four statures. What is it with Meryl Streep. She really deserve that? Why they wanna make her the biggest legend on earth? I don' get it. So many of her performances don´t even deserve a nomination.

Unknown said...

I think if you call them out with "I know the music's gonna start playing," then they don't play it, or are at least more reluctant.

RJ said...

The White Ribbon is good, yes ... But A Prophet is better than any film I've seen this year. It's a shame it probably won't win the Oscar. It so deserves it.


RJ -- the precursor awards in foreign film really don't matter much to the eventual oscar winner. it's not something that people are "predictive" about. I still think A PROPHET, if it's nominated, is a likely winner in this category.