Thursday, January 07, 2010

Barrel of Linkeys

<-- Design Junkies LOL. Superheroes on album covers of the 80s. The Batgirl one is awesome too
CHUD is excited for Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Cinematical remembers sex, lies and videotape (1989) Love that movie. I totally would've nominated it for Best Picture of 1989... along with those Fab' Baker Boys and maybe Heathers and The Little Mermaid. That's one of those years where I don't like Oscar's list much.
In Contention Guy's top 10 of the decade.
Mighty God King on the best movies of 2009. I disagree with so much of this but I smiled at this bit on The Hurt Locker
Winning a shitload of critical acclaim, because Serious Movie Critics, deep down, love to see shit blow up like everybody else...
AfterElton Neil Patrick Harris wins 'Gay Man of the Decade' award, topping John Barrowman
Cinema Blend Thor takes Spider-Man 4's summer 2011 release date. Why do I keep caring about Thor when I've never liked the comic and the casting pissed me off?

Did you see Mariah Carey's drunken acceptance speech at Palm Springs for her "breakthrough" work in Precious. "Please forgive me. I'm... yeah."

Slow down Mariah. It's not even Golden Globe weekend.

On Avatar
Matt Langer 'cultural sensitivity on the cheap'
Sammy Ray struggles with not being transported by the movie. Has his inner child died?
i09 "Only 'The Tree of Souls' could heal Tiger Woods now!" You know a movie is massive when its referenced everywhere in unexpected ways

parting shot
IndieWire So many movies are inegible for the WGA this year. With all these movies out of the running, someone might get unexpected buzz. Not that next week's nominations will help anyone with most Oscar ballots presumably returned and the ineligible films being, well, eligible with Oscar.


par3182 said...

"neil patrick harris...topping john barrowman"

the mind boggles

Ann McD said...

I might be late on this news, but apparently McG is attached to direct the Spring Awakening movie. Odd choice.

Michael C. said...

Boy did they blow it in '89.

My Nominees:

Do the Right Thing
Say Anything
Crimes and Misdemeanors
The Little Mermaid

Oscar Match Up: Big Fat Zero

Jim T said...

I hate to be pushy but, when will the film bitch awards begin?

Robert Hamer said...

"Wow...doesn't make much sense but it looks amazing!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Mariah! Honey! Why do you have to make it soooooo difficult for me to like you? I guess I'll just have to detach your performance in Precious from you're completely ca-RAZY self... sigh.

sammyray said...

Thanks, stud muffin!!